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Photo Op: Like No One Is Touching

Join the harrassment-free neighborhood dance party.     Heatwave is a bi-weekly all-vinyl dance party started by local DJ, author and dancer Ann Glaviano. DJ Ann spins music from 1957-1974 […]

Caitlyn Ridenour Snaps Southern Decadence in the French Quarter

Every Labor Day weekend, thousands of people gather in the French Quarter to celebrate LGBTQ culture at the annual Southern Decadence Festival. With a backdrop of rainbow-colored flags, loud dance […]

Trombonist Jeff Albert Hits the Spot at Five Happiness

What do you usually order? When I come at night I almost always get the General’s Chicken, and I usually get the Crab Rangoons. At lunch, I mix it up […]

Alexis and the Samurai and Sweet Crude’s Sam Craft Hits the Spot at Shortall’s BBQ

What did you order today? I ordered the brisket, but the chicken is amazing—I believe it’s smoked and grilled. It’s our favorite barbecue in town, and I’m including everyone’s favorite […]

Jasper Denhartigh and Clayton Hunt of Heat Dust Hit the Spot at the Milk Bar

What did you order today? CH: I got the Cattle Fodder. It looks like we’ve got cream cheese, roasted red pepper, avocado, tomato, pear, sautéed mushrooms and alfalfa sprouts.   […]

Shamarr Allen Hits the Spot at Katie’s

Why did you choose to come to Katie’s today? I love the food, man, the food is great. You can get a home-cooked meal, or a po-boy.   They have […]

Kristina Morales Hits the Spot at Maurepas Foods

What did you order? I ordered the grits and fried oysters. This is the first time I’ve tried the oysters—it’s a new thing for me. I usually get the tacos […]

Jayna Morgan Hits the Spot at R’evolution

  Do you remember the first time you came here? I walked through the door, and they were sold out. I’ve tried his [John Folse’s] products, but I’d never been […]

The Lagniappe Brass Band’s Chet Overall Hits the Spot at the Joint

Do you remember the first time you came here? I just remember having a face-gasm whenever I first had the pulled pork, so after that I come here all the […]

DJ Quickie Mart Hits the Spot at Jacques-Imo’s

How did you first start coming here? When I was coming up in New Orleans around 2002 or 2003, we had a Sunday Night Uptown Getdown at the Maple Leaf […]