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Key LaBeaud hits the spot at Melba’s

How often do you come? With my band, the Key Sound, Melba’s has always been one of these places I come back to. Open 24 hours, of course it’s a […]

King James [Jimmy Horn] hits the Spot at Frady’s

How did you pick this place? I know people who’ve been coming here from the Westbank for plate lunches for 30 years. ‘Don’t they have plate lunches on the Westbank?’ […]

Beth Patterson hits the spot at Ikura Hibachi & Sushi

Is there any sushi you won’t eat? Lately, on principle, I’ve stopped eating octopus because they’re so intelligent and I love the animal so much. Also, it’s a symbol of […]

Martin Krusche Hits the Spot

What are you eating? I always get the Pho Tai, with the thinly sliced raw beef that’s just dropped in the hot soup. You can get big or small—small is […]

Meschiya Lake hits the Spot

What are your favorites here? Definitely the Craw Rangoons [with crawfish, cream cheese and spicy honey], and the Pork Belly Buns. They’re big bao buns—I love saying that—like tiny, soft […]

Lawrence Cotton hits the Spot

What are you having? My favorite. Meatballs and spaghetti.   On a po-boy?! No, I’m getting a plate! Wednesdays at Guy’s is meatballs and spaghetti.   I know you just […]

Marc Paradis hits the Spot at The Ruby Slipper

Are you a regular here? I’ve been here lots of times; I live just down the road. I love the food and they make great coffee. This is a good […]

Paul Sanchez hits the Spot at Napoleon House

What are you getting? I’ve been on the road a lot this year, so I wanted to come someplace really New Orleans. I’ve been coming here since the 1970s, since […]

Matt Rhody Hits the Spot at Angela Brocato

What do you get here? Always ice cream. Sometimes a cannoli. How often do you come? I try to resist coming here all the time. I like ice cream in […]

Darcy Malone Hits the Spot at Blue Oak BBQ

When was the first time you came? My love affair with this place began when they were inside Chickie Wah Wah. Whenever we played there I would get the brussel […]