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Tim Laughlin, The Trio Collection Vol. 1 (Gentilly Records)

After having several house parties/concerts at his house in the Vieux Carré, clarinetist Tim Laughlin decided that he should record his next record there. Given the quality of the music on The Trio Collection Vol. 1, it was an excellent decision. There is a bright and open quality to the sound and music here. Everybody [...]

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Evan Christopher’s Django a la Creole, Live! (Fremeaux & Assoc.)

Now this is a fun record that never falters in its energetic vibe or superior musicianship. Recorded at the end of a 2012 tour in the United Kingdom, Evan Christopher and the band Django a la Creole explore both popular and obscure cuts from the traditional, swing, and gypsy jazz repertoire. All the musicians here are [...]

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Minos the Saint, Minos the Saint (Independent)

One of the things making music in New Orleans interesting at this point in time is the ways that musicians are adapting pop music to their own ends. From Sweet Crude’s forceful percussion to the Night Janitor’s tweaked-and-looped songs, innovation is rampant. And this is true of cities further west, such as Lafayette and Baton [...]

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The Holmes Brothers, Brotherhood (Alligator Records)

The latest record from the Holmes Brothers reminds listeners what makes this longtime band is one of the best in the roots/blues business. This is old-time soul and modern blues. There is the lament of “I Gave Up All I Had” and the kiss off of “Lickety Split.” The Brothers’ vocal harmonies, still based in [...]

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Chapel Blues, Chapel Blues (Independent)

The Chapel Blues EP came to me in a plain brown sleeve. This fits the music as this is a good record but rather generic. There is some New Orleans funk with distorted, chicken-scratch rhythm guitar and simmering solo guitar on the first track, “Six Miles.” But lyrics with phrases such as “hurricane don’t tell [...]

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Obituary: Valentine K. Scheurich, III (1948-2014)

Valentine Kropp Scheurich III, who also went by Val or Ric, passed away Sunday, the 12th of January, from stroke complications. Scheurich was a graduate of Tulane Law School and successfully focused his career in both the political and entertainment realm. He started at the law firm of Judge Jerome Winsberg and Eddie Sapir before [...]

Shotgun Jazz Band, Don’t Give Up the Ship (Independent)

Something about the Shotgun Jazz Band’s Don’t Give Up The Ship elevates it above the typical traditional New Orleans jazz recording. First of all, with a couple of exceptions, the band expands the song repertoire. There’s no “Saints” or “Bill Bailey” or any other of the songs that have been done to death by assorted [...]

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Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition, Dark Night of the Soul (Fat Possum)

On one of the live records from the Hill Country Picnic, songwriter/singer/guitarist Jimbo Mathus introduces a song by saying, “Let’s boogie!” And that aesthetic of boogie (not in terms of KC and the Sunshine Band but in terms of Black Oak Arkansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Thin Lizzy) runs throughout Mathus’ and the Tri State Coalition’s [...]

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Flow Tribe, At Capacity (Independent)

Of all the bands working the college funk circuit in 2014, Flow Tribe stands out as one of the best. They play with contagious dance energy complete with a certain sartorial splendor. Also, unlike many of the bands playing funk now, they play actual songs instead of jamming on one chord for interminable hours. Their [...]

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Will Kimbrough, Sideshow Love (Daphne)

Will Kimbrough writes songs that sneak up on you. They have their subtleties—like the way the acoustic slide guitar plays above and below the steady banjo on “Home Economics,” or the way that the bass throbs like a fast heartbeat to match the yearning of singer on “I Want Too Much.” The lyrics also have [...]

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