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Brad Webb, Making Faces (Independent)

There is a certain timelessness to Brad Webb’s Making Faces. The music, although recorded in 2013, could be from any time in the last 40 years. It’s modern, but still swinging and recognizable, jazz. For a drummer-led record, Webb stays in the background, meshing well with his band. And the band puts on fine performances. [...]

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The 78 Project Captures History as it Happens

As much of music-making and the music business plows recklessly into the future, certain producers are looking into the past. Director and producer Lavinia Jones Wright and Alex Steyermark are such producers, as evident in their explanation of their film 78 Project as a journey across America to record contemporary artists on a Presto 78 [...]

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Ken Vandermark in New Orleans

Composer and reed player Ken Vandermark is a busy man. But, lucky for us, he is making time for a short excursion to New Orleans September 8-9 to interview trombonist Jeff Albert, give a talk, and perform with Albert, Alvin Fielder, James Singleton, Marcello Benetti and Helen Gillet. On the phone from his home in [...]

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Kevin O’Day and Live Animals Return September 26

There was a time, in the years before and after the turn of the century, when drummer Kevin O’Day was everywhere. He was touring with Anders Osborne. There were funk gigs at Café Brasil with Iris May Tango and the twistedly fun shows with Royal Fingerbowl at Dragon’s Den. He’d don the sequin space robes [...]

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Marc Broussard, A Life Worth Living (Vanguard)

Marc Broussard’s voice is an inspiring instrument. Broussard can sing with subtle shadings, calibrated emotion, and sheer energy, all of which are featured on his new record, A Life Worth Living. He shouts and screams on the jagged rocker “Dyin’ Man” and the slow burner “Man Ain’t Supposed to Cry” while mining a more folk [...]

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Jane Harvey Brown, Live from New Orleans at the Old U.S. Mint (Independent)

Jane Harvey Brown puts together a veteran band to back her on a set of mostly jazz and New Orleans standards recorded in a live setting at the Old U.S. Mint. Brown belts out brassy-voiced versions of classics such as “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home” and “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.” [...]

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Hill Country Hounds, HCH (Independent)

The self-titled debut from the Hill Country Hounds mixes both traditional and modern country while eschewing the current pop/rock/country movement of Nashville. This type of country uses Memphis and Bakersfield and Austin as its references. The sound here is pristine and produced. There is little rawness in the mix, but the lyrics have a traditional [...]

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Kevin Clark & Tom McDermott, Smiles: Cornet/Piano duets in the New Orleans Style (Independent)

Somewhere in both Tom McDermott and Kevin Clark’s early report cards, there must be comments that say, “Plays well with others.” Both musicians are known for their continuing and musically fruitful relationships: McDermott with Evan Christopher and Connie Jones, among others, and Clark with the New Orleans Nightcrawlers and the Dukes of Dixieland. This record [...]

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Mahayla, Electricspaceagesweetheart (Serial Lover Records)

All throughout this new record by the recently reconstituted Mahayla, there is an air of regret. David Fera’s first effort under the Mahayla name since the turn of the century is full of people living their “life like Kristy McNichol / an afterschool special in overdrive” or thinking “sorry, my friend / I should have [...]

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Seth Walker, Sky Still Blue (Royal Potato Family)

Guitarist and songwriter Seth Walker cultivates an ominous and sexy sound on his latest recording, Sky Still Blue. Bassists Steve Mackey and Chris Wood and drummer Derrek Philips keep a subtle groove going amid Jano Rix’s unassuming keyboard parts and in-the-pocket rhythm and lead guitars courtesy of Walker and producer Oliver Wood. Walker’s writing on [...]

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