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Omar Sosa Brings the Caribbean to New Orleans on July 26

Pianist Omar Sosa’s music combines the best aspects of jazz and Cuban music. Born in Camaguey, Sosa trained in classical music and percussion at the same time his dad was listening to jazz. “My dad listened to African-American music every Sunday. He’s sit on the couch and have his little drink and listen to Nat [...]

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Diablo’s Horns, Into the Fire (Independent)

Diablo’s Horns is a brass band that doesn’t hesitate to expand their palate into funk, jazz, and that patented New Orleans groove. No matter what form the music takes here, there is a good sense of humor, complete with a healthy irreverence and sarcasm. This comes through whether deliberately jumping on the undead bandwagon with [...]

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John Wirt, Huey “Piano” Smith and the Rocking Pneumonia Blues (LSU Press)

Simply put, Huey “Piano” Smith is one of the great heroes of New Orleans and American music. As that generation ages and goes on to greener pastures, it’s important and necessary to acknowledge and praise these folks before they and the unique history that they embody are gone. John Wirt’s extensive biography of Smith certainly [...]

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Christian Serpas & Ghost Town, Revved Up and Ready To Go (Independent)

No backwards baseball hats and t-shirts for Christian Serpas and Ghost Town. It’s still rhinestone buttons and embroidered shirts, both in fashion and music. As popular country music retreats to frat-boy anthems and focus-group tested sound, Serpas and Ghost Town have doubled down on rock and roll and honky tonk that they stake their claim [...]

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Zion Trinity, Spirit of the Orisha (Independent)

Zion Trinity’s Spirit of the Orisha, their first record since 2003’s Eyes on Zion, is a beautiful sounding recording that works on the musical, anthropological, and spiritual realms. The 38-tracks on this double-CD set are portrayals and tributes to the Orisha, the spirits and ancestors in the Yoruban-via-Cuban practice of Santeria. The arrangements are sparse [...]

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Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Live Snakes (Accurate Records)

Since 1990, the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble has been blowing out the East Coast with their New Orleans brass band meets Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman blend of fiery yet booty-shaking music. Their third album combines live tracks from concerts, radio broadcasts, and live-in-the-studio sessions. And it’s a stone cold killer diller! The album shows what [...]

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Louis Prima Jr. & the Witnesses, Blow (Warrior Records)

One of the best aspects of Louis Prima, Sam Butera, and their revolving cast of Witnesses is the way that they combined jazz, swing, and early rock ‘n’ roll into a lively, danceable sound. Louis Prima, Jr. and his Witnesses do the same thing on their latest recording, Blow. And blow they do. All the [...]

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Down, Down IV – Part Two (Down Records/ADA Music)

The latest sonic battlefield from Down lives up to its formidable reputation and provenance. With members who have scorched stages and studios across the world as members of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, and Eyehategod, Down’s newest release Down IV – Part Two has the power and precision that all those bands are famous for. As [...]

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The Bally Who, A Pilferer’s Patience (Independent)

The new Bally Who record A Pilferer’s Patience is a reality unto itself. It is based on and inspired by the famous interactive puppet adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox that took audiences through tunnels and trap doors throughout the CAC in 2011. A Pilferer’s Patience maintains that sense of wonder and the fantastical [...]

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Obituary: Bill Sinegal

Willie Norman “Bill” Sinegal passed away on April 14, 2014 in New Orleans. A retired veteran, Sinegal was born on May 13, 1928 and grew up in Uptown before moving to Gentilly. Music fans will recognize Bill Sinegal, a bass player, as the leader of the band the Skyliners, who recorded the Mardi Gras standard [...]