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LosOtros, LosOtros (Independent)

Although there aren’t enough Latin or Brazilian bands in New Orleans given the geographical and cultural similarities between the genres of music, the ones that are here are top notch. One of the most top notch is LosOtros, whose new recording has much to recommend it. It has a great group of players who are [...]

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Stover with the Voormen, Low Night Lights (Independent)

There is a lot of night in Stover and the Voormen’s new release, Low Night Lights. There is the lead-off track with the insomniac who counts the hours while debating “making the morning explode…pouring gasoline on the fireworks stand.” Later, there is the weary lament of “Masquerade Hesitate” with its call of “Don’t know why?” [...]

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Mike Dillon, Band of Outsiders (Royal Potato Family)

The music of Mike Dillon combines many sources, yet comes out sounding unto itself. This latest report from the mind of Mike moves all over the map. Overall, it is punk rock as played by great instrumentalists, with the lead voices being Dillon’s mallet instruments and Carly Myers’ trombone. It is most reminiscent of the [...]

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Jay Mazza, Not Just Another Thursday Night: Kermit Ruffins and Vaughn’s Lounge (Threadhead Press)

Music writer and the world’s foremost Kermitologist Jay Mazza has turned his pen and insight to one of his favorite subjects, Kermit Ruffins, for his latest book. Mazza spent many nights over the last 20 years at Ruffin’s now famous weekly gig at Vaughn’s Lounge deep in the 9th Ward, and his analysis of the [...]

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The Revivalists, City of Sound with Bonus Live Disc (Wind Up Records)

The Revivalists play Jazz Fest on Saturday, May 3—Samsung Galaxy Stage, 2:05 p.m. Wind Up Records has reissued the fine disc City of Sound from the Revivalists but has added a bonus disc of live tracks recorded at Tipitina’s, Harvest the Music, and the Brooklyn Bowl. Since City of Sound was released, the Revivalists have [...]

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DVS (Dillon, Vidacovich, Singleton), Bones (

The jazz trio as a format is as old as jazz itself. However, few if any jazz trios have sounded like this one. With Mike Dillon on vibraphone and tablas, Johnny Vidacovich on drums and vocals, and James Singleton on bass and trumpet, this is a trio with a common aesthetic of experimentation within the [...]

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Tommy Malone, Poor Boy (M.C. Records)

Most artists in fields other than popular music make their best work not in their youth but later in life, when they’ve had a time to contemplate their lives and create work that gives meaning to their lives and ours. Not that previous recordings of guitarist/singer/songwriter Tommy Malone have been bad, but his recent recordings [...]

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Stanton Moore, Conversations (Royal Potato Family)

Stanton Moore plays Jazz Fest on Thursday, May 1—Zatarain’s/WWOZ Jazz Tent, 2:50 p.m. This record will be a surprise to those who only know Moore’s funk work with Galactic/Dragon Smoke, etc. With ace compadres James Singleton on bass and David Torkanowsky on piano, this trio has recorded a great record of both standards and rare [...]

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Fest Focus 2014: Jason Isbell

Few people in the music business pull off the triple threat of being a great singer, a killer guitarist, and an incisive songwriter better than Jason Isbell. In this current era of ever-growing spectacle and volume (both literal and figurative), it is reassuring to know that talent and great songwriting still has a place. Isbell’s [...]

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Fest Focus 2014: The Gloryoskis!

When it comes to musical collaborations, one might think that a combination of the avant-garde and French leanings of Helen Gillet, the tricky folk of Myshkin, and the more popular/jazz orientation of Debbie Davis would sound like three-day-old shrimp heads and the summer sun. Really, it mixes like crawfish and Zatarain’s, a slow burn that [...]

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