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Ingrid Lucia’s Female Vocalists Compilation: Ladies Only

No boys allowed. That’s the stipulation for Ingrid Lucia’s upcoming compilation of present-day female New Orleans singers. “There is not a single compilation out there that represents any of the […]

Abita Springs Music and Art Festival Has Sprung

Abita Springs has more than just water and beer. The annual Abita Springs Music and Art Festival is in its third year, and is fortuitously set on April 22, the […]

New Orleans Sacred Music Festival’s Sacred Songs

The Sacred Music Festival will bring together pastors, priests, Tibetan monks, Native Americans, rabbis and all things spiritual. The festival will host not just gospel music performances, but also Jewish […]

Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods in Louisiana: Soy Sauce and Wildebeest

Andrew Zimmern has yet to encounter a culinary specialty in Louisiana that he didn’t fall in love with. The region is known for its unusual fare compared to many other […]

The Overstuffed Oak Street Po-Boy Festival Menu

The po-boy is our signature comfort food for good reason. There’s nothing like flaky bread stuffed with proteins as recognizable as fried shrimp or roast beef, or as eccentric as […]

New Orleans Film Festival: Fairytale on Film

Given that Louisiana ranks third in the nation for film and television production, it makes sense that the New Orleans Film Festival (NOFF) has grown significantly in both audience and […]

Threadhead Records Grants

The Threadhead Records Foundation assists musicians and artists whose work promotes the cultural heritage of New Orleans but do not have the resources to produce and distribute their work. Applications […]