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Fats Vault, 1998: Rick Coleman, author of “Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock ’n’ Roll”

Rick Coleman, author of Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock ’n’ Roll, contributed these simple tributes for Fats Domino’s 70th birthday in 1998. “The Fat Man” […]

Cats on Fats

In April 2015 OffBeat writer David Kunian asked New Orleans piano players three questions: What is your favorite Fats Domino tune and why? What does Fats Domino and his music […]

The Fats Domino Starter Mix

Nobody should have to settle for ten Fats Domino songs, since the man left us such an embarrassment of riches (and the last we checked, the hundred-song Imperial box could […]

Papa Grows Funk history explored

Full disclosure: I’m interviewed in this documentary. And it’s impossible for me to be objective about Papa Grows Funk. I watched this band from its inception and was a fan […]

Five Questions with Amy Dailey Williams, Executive Director, New Orleans Photo Alliance/PhotoNOLA

What is the mission of PhotoNOLA? PhotoNOLA is a program of the New Orleans Photo Alliance and its mission is to encourage the understanding and appreciation of photography through exhibitions, […]

Echoes of Laurel Canyon: Susan Cowsill’s new series

Susan Cowsill is usually associated with two cities: Newport, Rhode Island, the original home of her singing family, and New Orleans, her home for the past two decades. But some […]

Celebrating 30 Years Of OffBeat: “Backtalk with Earl King,” 2002

OffBeat Magazine is celebrating 30 years and reached that milestone with our November 2017 issue. To mark the anniversary, OffBeat will re-publish excerpts from features and interviews from the past […]

My Music: Keiko Komaki

“Piano was my first instrument. I started to play when I was five years old; my mom wanted my older sister and I to learn. We grew up listening to […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with singer-songwriter Jake Bugg

In early 2012, then eighteen-year-old Jake Bugg released his first United Kingdom hit, the folky, buoyant “Lightning Bolt.” Later that year, his debut album reached number one in the U.K. […]

VOODOO MUSIC + ARTS EXPERIENCE: Is it Losing its New Orleans Identity?

In 2009, my former band—whom you’ve assuredly never heard of—played the Voodoo Music Experience. I had a chance encounter with the talent buyer for the kids’ stage, which was desperately […]