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Online Exclusive: The Big Cheezy – NOLA Mac N Cheese Fest Debuts

So you thought that New Orleans had a festival for every kind of food? Not quite, since macaroni and cheese somehow fell through the cracks. That will be remedied on […]

One Track at a Time: Amanda Shaw’s Digital Releases

In the age of digital media, everybody talks about going outside the traditional album-release model and releasing new music online. Cajun rocker Amanda Shaw will be doing just that for […]

Blackpot Festival: Building Community

One of South Louisiana’s most distinct festivals, Blackpot Festival & Cookoff returns to Lafayette’s Historic Vermillion Village this month. Besides the music, featuring Barbara Lynn, the Pine Leaf Boys, the […]

Alex Chilton Lets Them Scream

OffBeat Magazine is celebrating 30 years and will reach that milestone with our November 2017 edition. To mark the anniversary, over the next 12 months OffBeat will re-publish excerpts from […]

My Music with “Lucky” Lee Hendler

“I got the nickname when I was working with Lucky Peterson, a blues artist that I started touring with in my twenties, when I went around the Chitlin’ Circuit with […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Doug Kershaw

What does it take to be a good fiddle player? Well, talent doesn’t hurt. I come from a fiddle-playing family—I started at five years old. At seven my dad died […]

The Fried Chicken Festival returns with more space, more vendors and more music

Scoff all you like about the deluge of new festivals popping up all over town these days. Whether it was the general conceptual appeal of a day-long fried chicken celebration […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Actress Aadyn Encalarde

You’re in Girls Trip, one of the hottest summer movies, and TNT’s Claws. How’d you explode on the scene? I’ve acted since I was a baby with my mommy’s projects. […]

A TALE OF TWO TALENTS: Powerhouse DJs come together

“When I got the call, I was thrilled,” Melissa Weber—DJ Soul Sister—says of a recent chat she had with Mannie Fresh. For many across the globe, Mannie Fresh (born Byron […]

Paz Fest: Celebrating Joni Mitchell at the Civic

As one of the city’s legendary production managers, stage managers and soundmen, Michael Paz has had his finger on the pulse of New Orleans’ music scene for decades, but his […]