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Leslie Blackshear Smith, How Love Works Part: 1 (636 Music)

Leslie Blackshear Smith is one of the most talented woman vocalists in a city full of them. You only have to look at the sideperson and production credits on this […]

Sarah Quintana, Miss River (Independent)

Sarah Quintana beckons like a siren throughout the tidal movement of this album, an alluvial swell of meditations on the Mississippi that collectively evoke a dreamscape of beautiful, languorous dissipation. […]

Peter Stampfel, Better Than Expected (Don Giovanni Records)

As Mark Bingham began the process of closing down Piety Street Studio he began lining up the projects he would work on in the future. His impact as a producer […]

Dennis McNally, On Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of
Cultural Freedom (Counterpoint Press)

Dennis McNally has written two very useful books on American culture—an extremely well researched biography of Jack Kerouac, Desolate Angel, and an inside onlooker’s slightly jaundiced account of the Grateful […]

Michael Cerveris & Loose Cattle, North of Houston (Broadway Records)

As a fan of the Who dating back to the band’s earliest American performances, I approached the Broadway production of Tommy with trepidation, fearful of another degradation of Pete Townshend’s […]

Jimmy Carpenter, Walk Away (Vizztone)

Saxophonist Jimmy Carpenter is one of the unsung heroes of the 24/7/365 world of New Orleans music, a mainstay from Frenchmen Street to the Maple Leaf in a variety of […]

Wynton Marsalis on Louis Armstrong, New Orleans, and America

When Louis Armstrong was only age 21 at the dawn of the Jazz Age, he left his hometown of New Orleans to seek his fortune. By 1928, he’d become the […]

New Mosaic Records Box Set Redefines Louis Armstrong’s Legacy

  Forty-three years after his death, Louis Armstrong’s later career is undergoing a serious reevaluation. Historians are re-examining the critical consensus that Armstrong’s brilliance was confined to his early career. […]

Lynn Drury, Come to My House (Old Shoe Productions)

With her last release, the powerful Sugar on the Floor, Lynn Drury came into her own as a singer-songwriter. Backed by what might humorously be called the Royal Fingerbowl mob, […]

A Fitting Tribute to Dr. John at the Saenger Theater

Dr. John didn’t go to Jazz Fest this year, but Jazz Fest came to him. Many of the festival’s key players participated in a gala tribute to Dr. John (with […]