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Professor Longhair, Live In Chicago (Orleans Records)

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only… Professor Longhair!” Fess hits with a syncopated vamp and it’s off to the races for a half-hour of insanely intense second […]

Fest Focus: Ed Volker

ED VOLKER’S QUINTET NARCOSIS SUNDAY, APRIL 24—LAGNIAPPE STAGE, 2:35 P.M.   Ed Volker introduced his post-Radiators project Trio Mollusc at Jazz Fest a few years back. The band’s wild concatenations […]

Toussaint Toujours: Jazz Fest is Dancing to Toussaint’s Tune

TRIBUTE TO ALLEN TOUSSAINT: SUNDAY, MAY 1—GENTILLY STAGE, 2:20 P.M.   One of the signature moments of this year’s Jazz Fest will be the Allen Toussaint tribute on May 1. […]

John Sinclair, It’s All Good: A John Sinclair Reader (SinclairReader.com)

The pioneering music journalist, poet and activist John Sinclair had already accomplished the work of a lifetime when he came to live in New Orleans in the early 1990s. During […]

Medicine Man: Marc Stone’s Surge Of Sunshine

For a lot of New Orleans music fans, French Quarter Fest starts when Marc Stone kicks his band into high gear Friday morning at the Tropical Isle stage. The Gazebo […]

Michael Cerveris, Piety (Low Heat Records)

Producer Mark Bingham shuttered the Piety Street studio two and a half years ago, long enough to reflect on the range and breadth of music that was made there, the […]

David Bowie – 1971

Readers may be shocked by some of the comments Bowie expresses here, but Bowie later disavowed many of these kinds of comments blaming them on mental instability caused by his […]

Michael Cerveris: From Tommy to Piety

Michael Cerveris’ grand struggle between theater and music.   Last year, when Michael Cerveris won for Best Actor in a Musical at the Tony Awards, he got up in front […]

Lifetime Achievement in Music: The Radiators

Rads fans, please note: Reggie Scanlan had a medical emergency on the day we did OffBeat’s cover shoot and was not able to be included on our cover. We regret […]

Brint Anderson, Covered in Earl (Independent)

New Orleans is a city of musical surprises. Let your ears lead you as you stroll down the street and alluring music drifts into your consciousness. I used to walk […]