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Happy Land: Krazy Kat rides again

Add another chapter to the saga of Krazy Kat. The beguiling black comic strip feline of indeterminate gender and heritage celebrates a 105th birthday November 13 with a party at […]

Fabulous Poodles, Mirror Stars: Complete Pye Recordings 1976-1980 (Cherry Red, UK)

Okay how many of you remember the Fabulous Poodles opening for Tom Petty at the Warehouse in 1979? That was the band’s only New Orleans appearance, but frontman and principal […]

Shemekia Copeland, America’s Child (Alligator Records)

  Shemekia Copeland is a full-scale blues/R&B diva in her prime, the inheritor of a tradition that stretches back to Bessie Smith and beyond. In a world of small voices, […]

Jamie Lynn Vessels, Storm Coming (Independent)

  Among his other talents, Paul Sanchez is quite a talent scout, and when he told me to check out Jamie Lynn Vessels I stuck that info into my “in” […]

Josh Paxton, Standard Deviation (Independent)

With Josh Paxton’s third album, Standard Deviation, it’s past time to add another name to the list of outstanding pianists working in the greatest music city in the world, New […]

300 Songs for 300 Years: An Armstrong Top 10

Louis Armstrong is the only artist in our 300 Songs countdown to get 10 songs to himself (five songs below and the other five online)—the least we can do for […]

John Mooney, Truth of the Matter (Independent)

John Mooney is part of the last group of New Orleans musicians to have worked alongside and learned from departed masters like Professor Longhair, Earl King, Snooks Eaglin et al. […]

Paul Sanchez, One More Trip Around the Sun (Independent)

Paul Sanchez keeps turning out classic albums like its 1966. Sanchez may be the perfect example of how New Orleans musicians have dealt with the collapse of the music industry. […]

The Radiators, Welcome to the Monkey House (Radz Records)

Sometimes the best things happen when you’re not even trying. The Radiators have labored for many years over their recordings trying to capture the strange alchemy that makes Fishhead music […]

Tom McDermott, Podge-Hodge (Independent)

The evaporation of the music business has left a lot of recording artists flopping around outside of the original musiquarium, gasping for air. New Orleans musicians, without a music industry […]