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Obituary: Jillian Johnson

Out of the many mourners remembering Jillian Johnson, one put it best: everything she did was a love letter to Lafayette. A victim of the July 23rd shooting at Lafayette’s […]

Marcella & Her Lovers, The Bronze Age (Swamp Soul Music)

Music runs in Marcella Simien’s blood, but her heart pumps to a rhythm different from her father Terrance’s zydeco. Now a resident of Memphis—where she attended and graduated college—she’s added […]

Wizards of Boat, Heavy Handed Nonsense (Independent)

Over finely crafted Nintendo synth-pop (before smooth indie pop was cool), the Wizards of Boat created tongue-in-cheek—or downright nuts— songs about dinosaurs, dirt bikes and “nice things” that stood out […]

Feufollet, Two Universes (Feufollet Records)

Feufollet’s Two Universes is the band’s Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. After a long line of albums celebrating and resurrecting traditional Cajun music—even writing like-minded songs in French—they’ve put […]

The Wanderer’s Drift, Rowdy (Independent)

The one instant comparison drawn from a listen to The Wanderer’s Drift’s Rowdy is the White Stripes. A closer listen reveals subtly hidden classic rock and modern rock influences with […]

Sideburner, Sideburner (Independent)

Lafayette’s Sideburner owes a lot to the sounds of a plethora of heady (not heavy), instrumental metal bands of the early 21st century, namely Collapsar (a band in which Sideburner […]

Lost Bayou Ramblers Begin a New Phase

The last time the Lost Bayou Ramblers released a live album, they had never collaborated with Hollywood starlets, Barack Obama had yet to be elected president, there was officially a […]

Joshua Caffery Takes a Fresh Look at Alan Lomax’s Louisiana Recordings

In the 1850s, French aristocrat Amédée Carayon-Latour crafted “L’Armour et Fanatisme,” a song from the point of view of an Islamic knight in love with a blue-eyed Christian girl. It […]

Brother Dege, Scorched Earth Policy (Independent)

Typically a mix tape is a grab bag of sounds, songs and artists. Always atypical, Brother Dege’s Scorched Earth Policy is pulled from only one artist—him—but lives up to the […]

Lee Benoit, Pour les Générations à Venir (Bradley Records)

Lee Benoit’s Pour les Générations à Venir is not explicitly Cajun music for kids. He’s not the Cajun Raffi; instead, he presents a disc geared toward the next generation (and […]