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Baby Bee: From the Walking Dead to French Quarter Fest

Fans of smash-hit AMC show “The Walking Dead” have already heard Baby Bee, a pair of Houma brothers making their French Quarter Festival (FQF) debut on Sunday, April 13. In season three, their “Love Bug” plays over the din of men battling each other and toothless zombies in a post-apocalyptic hybrid of pro wrestling and [...]

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For a FEU Dollars More: Feufollet Turns to Indiegogo

Feufollet needs your help to deliver their record to the masses: Though named after a mythical fire, Feufollet is really about water or, more specifically, swimming against the current. At a time when smoky bars contained Cajun music, Feufollet’s early teen and pre-pre-teen members played on monkey bars. As Cajun music rubbed shoulders with roots [...]

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FIGHTs, Music for Villains (Independent)

When Lafayette’s J Burton heard Brian Eno’s “King’s Lead Hat” for the first time, he noticed something: a juxtaposition of sloppy rock with a dance beat, varied arrangements, dense sounds, noises as instruments. More importantly, Burton realized music is not just about the artist; it’s about the audience. Genre defiance is fine—but does it make [...]

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Promises, Promises

On the surface, The Promised Land: A Swamp Pop Journey is the tale of Lil’ Band O’ Gold trying to make a splash in a world of fads and mud puddle-shallow products. It contrasts this struggle to making music with the joys of standing in front of a Saturday night crowd. The film collects snapshots [...]

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Brass Tasks

In Lafayette’s slumping indie rock scene, young band Brass Bed is a decent size fish getting bigger and bigger in a pond that grows smaller and smaller with each lackluster crowd. In the past 10 months, Brass Bed performed at two of the state’s biggest festivals, first Voodoo Music Experience, then a main stage spot [...]

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Still Standin

Probably because of the way the story ends, Drew Landry doesn’t often brag about how Kris Kristofferson called him the best songwriter he’s heard in 30 years. Landry impressed the legend by playing him his “Last Man Standin” backstage at a Kristofferson concert. Afterwards, Kristofferson called him out, repeating his praise to the crowd. The [...]

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Growing Up

On one page of One Generation at a Time: Biography of a Cajun and Creole Music Festival, a pre-fame Steve Riley stares up from the foot of the Festivals Acadiens stage. Two chapters later in the history of Festivals Acadiens by Barry Jean Ancelet and Philip Gould, a two-page photo captures an accordion showdown between [...]

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Cajuns Under the Stars

Out on the road some 200 days a year, the Red Stick Ramblers—based out of Baton Rouge and Lafayette—noticed a component missing from the horde of Louisiana’s music festivals: camping. “What we discovered is that in the campgrounds is where the music gets played and the tunes get swapped,” says drummer Glenn Fields. After their [...]

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Arbor Vitae, Arbor Vitae (Redamp)

The debut album by Lafayette’s Arbor Vitae is a surprising record that defies expectations. It stands out in a world of fast-paced, plastic and overloaded rock by taking its time, slowly drizzling layer upon layer. Once it starts a convincing approach to ambient rock, it builds to a subtle, tense pitch then levels off to [...]

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Lost Bayou Ramblers, Live: a la Blue Moon (Swallow)

The studio efforts of The Lost Bayou Ramblers are simply phenomenal—raucous tunes that both stay true to Cajun simplicity and employ complicated interplay between fiddle and accordion, plus a swing-era style rhythm section. Recorded over a two-night stand at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, their new live CD release, Live: à la Blue Moon, [...]

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