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Lost Bayou Ramblers Begin a New Phase

The last time the Lost Bayou Ramblers released a live album, they had never collaborated with Hollywood starlets, Barack Obama had yet to be elected president, there was officially a […]

Joshua Caffery Takes a Fresh Look at Alan Lomax’s Louisiana Recordings

In the 1850s, French aristocrat Amédée Carayon-Latour crafted “L’Armour et Fanatisme,” a song from the point of view of an Islamic knight in love with a blue-eyed Christian girl. It […]

Brother Dege, Scorched Earth Policy (Independent)

Typically a mix tape is a grab bag of sounds, songs and artists. Always atypical, Brother Dege’s Scorched Earth Policy is pulled from only one artist—him—but lives up to the […]

Lee Benoit, Pour les Générations à Venir (Bradley Records)

Lee Benoit’s Pour les Générations à Venir is not explicitly Cajun music for kids. He’s not the Cajun Raffi; instead, he presents a disc geared toward the next generation (and […]

Johnny Angel & Helldorado, Ready … Set … Hold on! (Deuce Records)

There’s a rollicking offshoot of classic country music called psychobilly that pairs old school twangs and rhythms and train track percussion with tales of mayhem, murder, drive-in movie kitsch and […]

Matthew Davidson, Cross My Heart (Magnet Music)

There are certain expectations placed on a 14-year-old when he wins the Robert Johnson Blues Foundation New Generation Award. Matthew Davidson did just that, and with the release of Cross […]

Black Feratu, Evil Is the New Good (Independent)

Drummer Mac Black calls Black Feratu’s sound metal “ … that goes from punk to sludge and doom,” but Black Feratu’s Evil Is the New Good is best described as […]

Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Goin’ Home (Concord Records)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Goin’ Home doesn’t refer to Shreveport. Yes, the record was made in his hometown, but it is a metaphor for the record’s direction. The multi-Grammy nominee goes […]

Baby Bee: From the Walking Dead to French Quarter Fest

Fans of smash-hit AMC show “The Walking Dead” have already heard Baby Bee, a pair of Houma brothers making their French Quarter Festival (FQF) debut on Sunday, April 13. In […]

For a FEU Dollars More: Feufollet Turns to Indiegogo

Feufollet needs your help to deliver their record to the masses: Though named after a mythical fire, Feufollet is really about water or, more specifically, swimming against the current. At […]