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Bonsoir, Catin “L’Aurore” (Valcour Records)

The question of what does it mean to be a modern Cajun band is answered on Bonsoir, Catin’s L’Aurore. Without daring to confine themselves, the band members Christine Balfa, Anya […]

Soul Science Lab, “Plan for Paradise” (Independent)

Soul Science Lab’s Plan for Paradise—featuring New Orleans native Asante Amin—is likely the most eclectic hip-hop record out this year. Somehow without sounding disjointed, the record boils down and congeals […]

Various Artists, “Cajun Accordion Kings” (and the Queen) (Valcour Records)

On Cajun Accordion Kings (and the Queen), producers Joel Savoy and Steve Riley turn back the clock and give the accordion—and the accordion alone—a gracious spotlight. It is the antithesis […]

Will Payne Harrison, “East Nashville Blues” (Independent)

Anyone who thinks a musician’s life is nothing but free rides and cashed checks should press play on the title track of Will Payne Harrison’s East Nashville Blues. The Louisiana […]

The Rayo Brothers, “Take You for a Drive” (Independent)

With a family that includes members of the Lost Bayou Ramblers and the late Hadley Castille, it would seem more likely—and easier—for the Rayo Brothers (and sister Sarah Jayde Williams) […]

Jim Pharis, Sure to Offend (Independent)

Jim Pharis’ Sure to Offend is a bit like his neighbor’s answer to why he has so many guns, on the song “Gun Rag”: nonchalant, cryptic, almost unwound and perhaps […]

Lumière, Heart Notes on the Bayou (Independent)

If it had to fall into categorization, Lumière’s Heart Notes on the Bayou would be a scaled down and earthy Enya meets chants, prayers and Cajun French, all accompanied by […]

Brass Bed, In the Yellow Leaf (Modern Outsider)

Brass Bed’s In the Yellow Leaf takes its name from a line in “The Poet,” a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay where he compares Plutarch and Shakespeare The catch-all terms of […]

Michael Juan Nunez, Rise (ParishLine)

It would be very easy to label Michael Juan Nunez’s Rise a blues album. After all, it was recorded over a period of three years he calls some of the […]

Julian Primeaux: This Guilded, Swaying Heart (Independent)

A veteran of the Lafayette music scene and something of a journeyman who has spent time in bands as far flung as Lil’ Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers, the […]