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Louis Armstrong’s Great Chicago Concert: Pops at His Peak

Perhaps the greatest quasi-myth surrounding Louis Armstrong is that after the transformative glories of the small group Hot Five (1925-26, 1927, 1928) and Hot Seven (1927) recordings, Pops took his foot off the gas and proceeded to become an “entertainer” for the rest of his life. While no one is going to deny the power [...]

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John Boutte and Paul Sanchez, Stew Called New Orleans (Threadhead)

Friendship has its privileges, and in the case of singer John Boutte and Paul Sanchez, that means getting together and knocking out a record in a single session. What you hear on this well-played, extremely well-sung yet laid back session of singer-songwritery, blues jazz is not ambition so much as confidence in each other’s abilities [...]

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