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Cindy Scott: Helping Russell Brand Think

Cindy Scott’s life has, as she puts it, clearly defined “chapters.” Starting as a high-powered executive (“I was involved in all of these big international projects, and I was miserable.”) […]

Brass Bed with Allison Bohl, On Nilsson (Crossbill Records)

Harry Nilsson is no stranger to album-length cover projects. At his creative peak, the hedonistic early ’70s in L.A., Nilsson dragged an obscure American songwriter named Randy Newman into the […]

The New Movement Theater: A Laughable Career

It’s a fairly common jeremiad: there isn’t much national-caliber comedy in New Orleans. There is stand-up and a few sketch/improv groups, but they hardly measure up to the scenes in […]

‘tit Rex: A Regal Matter?

It’s hard to imagine a more literal case of someone picking on the “little guy” than this: the powerful Krewe of Rex has pushed the satirical Krewe of ‘tit Rex […]

Sanitized STRFKR Stable and Synthy

Starfucker, much like Republican hopeful Rick Santorum, has a bit of a name problem. The band began life in Portland, Oregon with the (purposefully) absurd moniker of Starfucker, then attempted […]

The Original Tuxedo Jazz Band: What’s in a Name?

This year’s Gretna Heritage Festival prompted the question: When there’s only one original member, is Lynyrd Skynyrd still Lynyrd Skynyrd? A New Orleans version of this question arose when it […]

Big History, All At Once EP (Independent)

So, just for fun-shine and joy-bows, indulge me in a hypothetical. Imagine you have the power of a major international media conglomerate fully behind you. Right at your fingertips: record […]

e.company, On (Independent)

On marks the first release of New Orleans’ own e.company, a quintet of young, skilled instrumentalists crafting intricate jazz and funk-steeped songs. The band cut its’ teeth on Frenchmen, playing […]

The Joy Theater: A Time of Joy

Once there were four historic theaters operating in downtown New Orleans: the Saenger, Orpheum, Joy, and Loews State Palace. These establishments boasted gleaming facades and uniformed ushers directing droves of […]

King Rey, Street Friends EP (Independent)

How do you like your indie rock? Does the recent trend toward lo-fi garage psychedelics led by Deerhunter, Ty Segall, Kurt Vile, Girls and Wavves irritate, or do you happily […]