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New Kid on The Radio: WHIV-FM 102.3

When I first heard it, the name kind of threw me off: a musician was in the OffBeat office recently and told me he had a show on a local […]

Every Year Royal Street Performers Annoy Retailers. Compromise?

It seems to happen every year. Businesses on Royal Street complain about the noise from street musicians and performers. This is the time of year when retailers on Royal can […]


New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and with that celebration come beaucoup parties. We have lots of them in our neighborhood. We live midway between St. Charles Avenue […]

No Need For Sacred Debutantes, Send Me A Meme

Once again, the debutantes are upon us. It’s “the season.” You’d think that more locals would be able to come up with some hilarious New Orleans memes. Well. I wish someone would […]

A Very Violent New Orleans

Last weekend, Thanksgiving, was unfortunately a very violent holiday for New Orleans. Of course, an incident on Bourbon Street (where one man was killed and nine others wounded) dominated all […]

Giving thanks

It’s time to wish all our readers and our community a heartfelt thanks for supporting New Orleans and Louisiana music and culture. Of course, you enjoy and love our art, […]

How Bad Can The Future Be For Musicians?

How bad could the future be for our local musicians with the new president and his policies? Since last Tuesday’s election, many have been stunned by the results that selected […]

The allure, the charm, the relevance of the old

I’m not going to go into the political upheaval that struck us on Election Day. I’m way too shocked. I did hear that our illustrious former governor, Bobby Jindal, is […]

Women as Bitches, Uh, Leaders

Last week I listened to Episode 48 0f “Hidden Brain,” a podcast that regularly appears on NPR, and you should too, especially to this podcast on the catch-22 that most strong women […]

Gone Pecan?

We have a warehouse filled with OffBeat print archives, going back to 1988, from the time the magazine was printed on newsprint, pre-internet and pre-digital age. It’s entertaining and humbling […]