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Soundcheck: Five Questions with Gina Leslie

Gina Leslie has been hosting Sidney’s Saloon Sundays for the last two years. The weekly late-night series features two local bands before Leslie closes out with a set of her […]

SOUNDCHECK: Five Questions with Nick Benoit

Bassist Nick Benoit is booking the Instant Opus Improvised Series, a concept that aims at putting musicians who have never played together on a stage to improvise, which gave birth […]

New Orleans Jazz Museum to showcase history of drum set

New Orleans is rhythm. It seems like everything that happens in this city is done in rhythm, from the way people strut down the street to the way words bounce […]

Review: Lily Keber’s “Buckjumping” Empowers

How quickly things can move in New Orleans. In a handful of years, Lily Keber went from anonymous transplant bartending long nights in the Bywater to being on the receiving […]

ManChu Food Store: Unapologetically Real

Over by the Claiborne Avenue bridge, where the clanking and bang of the highway meets the gentle flow of Esplanade, there’s a crisp smell at all hours. The Manchu Food […]

Power Players: Sabine McCalla Speaks From The Heart

Sabine McCalla can handle her own. After years of providing backup vocals to bands around town, she’s finally ready to push her own voice to the front of the stage. […]

Power Players: Billie Davies plays her own music

Freedom and expression. These are the things that matter most to Billie Davies, who has used the drums as a means to express herself freely for more than 40 years […]

[Photo Essay] Jazz Fest 2018: Late Night Ventures

There’s a reason we refer to this time of the year as ‘Jazz Fest Season.’ It comes with the implication that what goes on during this magical season goes well […]

Maurice the Horn Wizard

For as many horn players as you might see roaming the streets of New Orleans, the circulation of instruments remains somewhat of a mystery for most. When investigating the matter, […]

Fest Focus: Lee Konitz

THURSDAY, MAY 4—WWOZ JAZZ TENT, 2:55 P.M. With its ever-growing audience and notoriety, New Orleans’ beloved Jazz Fest has gone through a great deal of musical expansion, for better or […]