Drew Meez on the Keys, Dressed, No Pickles (Independent)

With no less than four, count ’em, four, local bands—P.Y.M.P., Gravity A, Fred and the Big Easy Bounce Band—keyboardist Drew Meez has been, no pun intended, instrumental in bringing urban jazz to the NOLA dance floor, often using some decidedly low-fi tools to do it. Dressed, No Pickles, as the title indicates, is similarly unpretentious; Drew’s first solo disc is as charmingly offhand as a friend’s mixtape.

It’s also somewhat similar to his larger body of work, specifically Gravity A, though, after wandering through underground hip-hop in the first few tracks, he takes some unusual stylistic turns: straight-up punk on “The Breakdown,” for example, and some Motown-flavored sunshine pop on “Good Luck Gambla.” But that low-key approach also means Drew stays grounded. Neither the openly gay disco of “Liberation” nor the closing white-boy gangsta rap of the last two tracks comes off as cheap frat-boy irony. And he drops “A Tear for Stone” in the mix just to prove his jazz-piano chops, which are considerable. Ten songs and not quite half an hour, but only 7 bucks … about the price of a po-boy, come to think of it, and almost as fun and inconsequential, yet satisfying, to consume.