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The Links, Take it Away EP (Warganized Records)

Their PR claims they’re partially influenced by the “Madchester” rockers of the ‘90s, but while they’re certainly danceable, this local trio isn’t psychedelic or shoegazer. Rather, they weld Madchester to […]

Monty Russell, Fat Man (Independent)

A genuine raconteur of Americana, Monty Russell’s version of it is agreeably diverse yet less ambiguous than most; plot his various styles on a map and you’ll generally describe an […]

Russell Welch, Acetate Sessions (Twerk-O-Phonic)

Everybody talks about the weather, or so the old joke goes, but nobody ever does anything about it. (Sharpies don’t count.) Hey, remember when nothing had to be done about […]

Guitar Is Dead, “Tristan Gianola’s Guitar is Dead” (Accretions)

This album is a giant “fuck you” on several levels at once, beginning with a shrieking rap-metal service industry anthem called “Tip Bucket” that flips NOLA’s infamous complacency (and the […]

U.S. Nero, “Why Don’t They Cherish the Moon?” (Independent)

Hello friends! Do you have musical ADHD? Do you enjoy torturing/illuminating friends with such famously “difficult” classics as Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica or the first Mr. Bungle album or […]

The Bummers, “Dairy Beach” (Independent)

Near daily heat advisories, algae choking the Gulf, sharks, flesh-eating bacteria … 2019 is not turning out to be a banner year for beach-going. So why not stay at home […]

Hash Cabbage, “Hash Cabbage” (Independent)

What’s this? Hash what now? Are these guys referring to a hash made out of cabbage or profits made off of selling hash? No matter. These exceedingly mellow jambanders have […]

Seth Walker, Are you Open? (Royal Potato Family)

Seth Walker’s music, although simple on the outside, can’t really be broken down into individual genres easily. It’s more about what style of music allows him to get close and […]

Geovane Santos, Jobim (Independent)

It only makes sense that the city’s best Brazilian jazz guitarist, Spotted Cat mainstay Geovane Santos, would want to do an album of Antonio Carlos Jobim standards, the ones that […]

Harold Steinitz and Dave Thomas, Wheels Up! (Independent)

The title and cover of this duo’s latest album suggests some ethereal experience—but maybe a boat would work better than a plane, since most of these tunes would make great […]