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Bipolaroid, Paint It, Blacker (Get Hip Recordings)

The Troggs of “Wild Thing” fame were supposedly named after a British fad that saw kids moving into Blighty’s famous caves to live like “troglodytes,” so it makes perfect sense […]

Sabrina Stone, International Date Line (Independent)

New York City-born Sabrina Stone, like any good singer, is in love with her voice. And why not? That’s some good ASMR right there; blissful yet knowing, yearning yet casual, […]

Misled, Chemical Reaction (Dixie Dawg Records)

KISS Army alert: If you’ve seen the latest farewell tour and you’re distraught over never getting the best again, check out this EP from local rockers Misled. Chemical Reaction absolutely […]

Korgy & Bass, Remote (CavitySearch)

Looks like we’re gonna need a new Best of the Beat category for Wittiest Band Name. The moniker of Portland duo Korgy & Bass suggests some intriguingly meta high-concept mishmash, […]

Elizabeth Joan Kelly Farewell, Doomed Planet! (Album Review)

Elizabeth Joan Kelly has specialized for the better part of a decade now in creating ambient “background” music designed to create a low-key uncomfortable restlessness—she titled one such collection “Music […]

Katy Hobgood Ray featuring Dave Ray, I Dream of Water (Album Review)

So much American roots music is folk balladry when you get right down to it, or at least it started that way, which is why it’s disturbing how completely mainstream […]

In Business, Space Story (Independent)

If any cultural capital in the world could possibly reboot the adventures of the P-Funk mothership, the Crescent City would be it. Yet this sextet, already well-known for its stage […]

Roadside Glorious, Brawn and Bone (Independent)

Roadside Glorious styles itself as a blues-rock group, but there’s a surprisingly strong soul element that lands them more on the side of swamp-rock. The result gives them a range […]

Georgi Petrov, Alien of Extraordinary Abilities (Breakfast for Dinner Records)

An “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities” is not a Grey with telekinesis or something like that, as jazz guitarist Georgi Petrov playfully alludes in the art for his second album; it’s […]

Lilli Lewis Project, We Belong (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

As a solo act, Lilli Lewis referred to her style as orange music, meant to distinguish it from blues proper. It made sense, too: her version of the folk blues […]