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Quinn Sternberg, Mind Beach (Independent)

The beach is not the first setting you think of when it comes to jazz, not even the smooth, folk-inspired kind offered up by double bassist Quinn Sternberg and his […]

The New Mastersounds featuring Lamar Williams Jr., Shake It (Color Red Records)

Even for a Leeds, England-based group dedicated to keeping classic soul-jazz an ongoing proposition, Jazz Fest faves the New Mastersounds really emphasize their pure-soul bona fides. It’s a focus only […]

Jeff Chaz, No Paint (JCP Records)

The seventh track on this album is called “Blues Buffet,” which sounds like either the kind of cruise you might hear Jeff Chaz on or the multitude of blues styles […]

Max & the Martians, “Please Hold On” / “Love on Vacation” (Mashed Potato Records)

Max Bien-Kahn and his ever-mutating band of backup Martians have been swimming around in the shallow end of indie alt.country whatevercana for the past few years, relying on lots of […]

Think Less Hear More, The Contenders I (Independent)

Here’s a high-art concept for you: live scoring a film in real time with a modern jazz outfit, then removing said film and letting the soundtrack create its own mind […]

Bipolaroid, Paint It, Blacker (Get Hip Recordings)

The Troggs of “Wild Thing” fame were supposedly named after a British fad that saw kids moving into Blighty’s famous caves to live like “troglodytes,” so it makes perfect sense […]

Sabrina Stone, International Date Line (Independent)

New York City-born Sabrina Stone, like any good singer, is in love with her voice. And why not? That’s some good ASMR right there; blissful yet knowing, yearning yet casual, […]

Misled, Chemical Reaction (Dixie Dawg Records)

KISS Army alert: If you’ve seen the latest farewell tour and you’re distraught over never getting the best again, check out this EP from local rockers Misled. Chemical Reaction absolutely […]

Korgy & Bass, Remote (CavitySearch)

Looks like we’re gonna need a new Best of the Beat category for Wittiest Band Name. The moniker of Portland duo Korgy & Bass suggests some intriguingly meta high-concept mishmash, […]

Elizabeth Joan Kelly Farewell, Doomed Planet! (Album Review)

Elizabeth Joan Kelly has specialized for the better part of a decade now in creating ambient “background” music designed to create a low-key uncomfortable restlessness—she titled one such collection “Music […]