New Carnival Music from Galactic

Galactic, Carnivale Electros

Galactic has finished a new album, Carnivale Electricos which puts a new spin on the Carnival record by musically addressing not only Mardi Gras but Carnival in Brazil. This time around, the large stable of musical guests includes Louisiana artists Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Big Chief Juan Pardo, Corey Henry, John Michael Rouchell, Maggie Koerner, Mike Dillon, Mystikal, Shamarr Allen, Steve Riley, and David Shaw; Brazilian artists Carlinhos Brown and Moyseis Marques; and Casa Samba, New Orleans’ original samba school, bridging the gap between the two. The album is due out February 21—Mardi Gras, naturally—but we have a preview: “Hey Na Na” featuring the Revivalists’ singer David Shaw and Shreveport’s Maggie Koerner.