OnBeat Sessions Season 2, Episode 3: Julie Odell

Singer/songwriter Julie Odell reveals new songs to the OnBeat Sessions. Here with Jonathan Arceneaux on drums, Kenny Murphy on bass, and Chad Viator on guitar, she performs the songs “Envelope” and “People Cheering.” Both will be featured on her next album, first solo release in ten years, to be released in 2020.





OffBeat Media

Directed by Noé Cugny

Assisted by Camille Lenain, Lauren Hicks


Loyola University New Orleans | School Of Music Industry 

Facilities Manager: Lovell “U-P” Cooper 

Artist/Band: Julie O’dell

Lead Recording Engineer: Steven Nosacka 

Assistant Engineers: Craig Arceneaux & Evan Martin

Mix Engineers: Lovell “U-P” Cooper 

Mastering Engineer: Lovell “U-P” Cooper