OnBeat Sessions Season 2, Episode 2: The Soul Rebels

The Soul Rebels are a favorite since their 2019 release “Poetry in Motion,” join them as they perform “Rebellious,” and their hit “Real Life” on this episode of the OnBeat Sessions. They will be performing at this year’s Best of the Beat Awards on January 30, 2020.



OffBeat Media

Directed by Noé Cugny

Assisted by Camille Lenain

Camera: Lauren Hicks, Rudy Melchiorre, JR Tinawi


Recorded at Loyola University New Orleans, School Of Music Industry 

Facilities Manager: Lovell “U-P” Cooper 

Artist/Band: The Soul Rebels

Lead Recording Engineer: Steven Nosacka 

Assistant Engineers: Craig Arceneaux, Raymond Brown, Evan Martin & Jules. 

Mix Engineers: Lovell “U-P” Cooper 

Mastering Engineer: Lovell “U-P” Cooper