Survey says trad jazz

For the past couple of months, OffBeat has posted a survey on our website, just to get an idea of what our readers like, their opinions on political matters related to music, how they use information and more.

Last week, we polled our readers and asked them “If you had one night to experience music in New Orleans, what kind of music would you go listen to?”

I thought that we’d get a lot of funk, brass band, and rock and maybe blues, but to my surprise, trad jazz topped the list.

I’ve thought about this for the past couple of days and wonder if perhaps the clubs in the city are missing the boat when it comes to offering more “jazz” on their menus.

Tuba Skinny on Royal Street (Photo:

When I think trad jazz, I don’t think Preservation Hall, or a Dixieland band (well, okay, maybe I do think P-Hall a little..), I think about some of the younger bands, like Panorama, or Tuba Skinny. I think there’s a lot more room for those kinds of bands on club “menus” these days. It certainly couldn’t hurt if the Bourbon Street bars added a bit more music of this variety to their menus (cover bands unfortunately didn’t fare too well on this list, and goodness knows there are a ton of cover bands on Bourbon).

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, and it appears that there are more lovers of the music than I perceived. Bring it on!

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  • Thomas Jacobsen

    But why the pic showing a street band rather than one of the top local trad bands?

  • Linda Bates

    It doesn’t get any finer then “TUBA SKINNY”! These are a group of young and very talented adults! Keep an eye on them, because they are going places!!!

    • Linda Bates

      By the way, –they are a local group from New Orleans and they play Traditional jazz!

  • sraw

    The link to the survey doesn’t, it just comes back to this page. But oddly enough, just this morning I was writing to a group of email contacts about trad jazz groups in New Orleans as being awesome and underestimated.

  • Michael Keating

    Hi. I’m from the UK and have been watching some great videos of some of the street bands and they are excellent. I’ve seen five bands on there i.e. Tube Skinny, Smoking Time Jazz Club, Shotgun Jazz Band, Hokum High Rollers and Yes Ma’am. that are really terrific. Like Jan says there’s something new and refreshing about the way these bands are exploring the old music. It’s more than just pastiche. I’ve started saving up my pennies so I can afford a trip out their way just to see them play.

  • Bonnie Bishop

    Dr. Michael and the Liberty Band, Gerald French and the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, Tom McDermott, Aurora Nealand, and depending on the day, Davell Crawford, Evan Christopher and Germaine Bazzle. Love them all. Only in New Orleans.