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Are free festivals a thing of the past?

The upcoming (and always free) Bayou Boogaloo will be forced to charge a $5.00 admission on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday a $10.00 admission fee after 3 p.m. The […]

The Greatest Free Show

Mardi Gras has often been called the “Greatest Free Show on Earth,” and I don’t think anyone could possibly argue with that. A New Orleanian’s greatest pleasures is people- watching […]

French Quarter Fest Awaits

It’s hard to believe that French Quarter Fest is once again upon us, and, as usual, the weather appears to be sterling. Starting today is the 31st annual French Quarter […]

Italians Named Joseph

I’m married to a  Italian, no excuse me, a Sicilian, named Joseph. Now the upcoming week is important because less than a week from now, we’ll be celebrating St. Joseph’s […]

New Orleans Big Festival Season Kicks Off

The New Orleans “big” festival season has officially kicked off. We have festivals all year long, but the two biggies are now officially ready to blow us out musicially, artistically […]

Redevelop Municipal Auditorium and Armstrong Park!

Armstrong Park has been a political football for as long as I can remember. I’ve suggested in the past that there needs to be a commission or an agency that […]

Festivals, Festivals!

Did you know that New Orleans hosts 120 festivals annually that are attended by 3.6-million people? Wow. That’s a lotta music, food, culture and beer! New Orleans’ two biggest music […]

French Quarter Festival Estimates More Than 550,000 Attendees

This afternoon, the French Quarter Festival announced that approximately 574,000 people attended the four-day festival, which this year included an expanded “Lagniappe Thursday.” This ritual of releasing the festival’s attendance […]

French Quartering

Now a day earlier and two days longer than it used to be, the 29th-annual French Quarter Festival begins tomorrow, Thursday April 12. If you’ve had a chance to peruse […]

Ruminations on French Quarter Fest

No doubt about it, French Quarter Fest has come a long way.  It’s come into its own as one of the city’s premier events, like Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, and […]