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Loyola University and the Business of Music

Imagine that in a city like New Orleans—a music city, a city where musicians abound and music is made 24 hours a day—access to learning about the business of music […]

A Month to Remember: New Orleans Shines in January

This past January was an eventful month of music in which New Orleans witnessed more highlights than most of the world’s top cultural cities experience in a year. Memorable shows […]

Not Quite Eddie Vedder News, But …

…this physical malady thing seems to be going around. Saturday night’s “Who’s Bad” Michael Jackson tribute show at the House of Blues is going to be short a Michael according […]

While You Were Sleeping: Gary Clark, Jr.

Blues man Gary Clark, Jr. had three songs on the soundtrack for the movie Redemption Road (which recently opened in New Orleans). Last night, Clark played the House of Blues. […]

Trevor Hall Gets it Right at the House of Blues

Trevor Hall, smiling and slightly embarrassed, brought his song to a screeching halt before the first verse was finished. “Wait, wait, those weren’t the right lyrics,” he admitted, grinning toward […]

Two Showcases of New Orleans Hip-Hop Tonight

The hip-hop scene in New Orleans is currently one of the most vibrant in the city, with many artists performing in a colorful spectrum of different styles, and releasing loads […]

Bassnectar at House of Blues: Better Living Through Volume

Last night, Lorin Ashton, a.k.a. Bassnectar, made loudness an art form. Drawing from a wide range of influences, his electronica set pulsated with energy and literally shook the walls of […]