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Happy Thanksgiving: A Big Freedia Animated GIF

Nothing says Thanksgiving like an animated GIF of Big Freedia and her dancers poppin in downtown New Orleans, taken from Freedia’s “Y’all Get Back Now” music video. Source: eatcasey.tumblr.com.

Experience the Voodoo Experience on Spotify

Listen to our “Experience the Voodoo Experience” playlist on Spotify Even if you’re living under a rock, you know the Voodoo Experience takes place this weekend in City Park. But […]

Why Does Sly Stone’s Appreciation End In 1973?

Sylvester Stewart, leader of seminal funk band Sly & the Family Stone, is one of the least well understood of a cluster of funk artists who produced memorable hits in […]

New Generationals EP Medium Rarities: Free Download/Stream

Indie pop duo Generationals is a summery band. Starting with its 2009 debut album, Con Law, NOLA natives Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer’s songs have usually been bright and warm, […]

Stevie Wonder in New Orleans May 12: Videos

This past Thursday, May 12 Stevie Wonder received an honorary degree at Tulane University’s graduation ceremony in recognition of both his musical, charitable, and activist achievements. Wonder expressed his thanks […]

Warpaint Attacks Republic Tonight

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMkqbY0oGKQ[/youtube] Tonight Los Angeles indie rockers Warpaint come to Republic on their current Spring tour around the States (they were in Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of the […]

Shake Your Soul For $100 At Siberia Tonight

Ever go to Mod Dance Party at the Saturn Bar and think to yourself, “Man, I’m the best dancer in this joint. Someone oughta give me some money, I’m so […]

Two Showcases of New Orleans Hip-Hop Tonight

The hip-hop scene in New Orleans is currently one of the most vibrant in the city, with many artists performing in a colorful spectrum of different styles, and releasing loads […]