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Musically Speaking Free Film Series with DJ Soul Sister

Even Tuesday nights offer a chance to get a musical education in New Orleans. After more than a decade hosting her “Soul Power” radio show on WWOZ FM and rocking quite a few parties around New Orleans, DJ Soul Sister delves into another medium this year with her “Musically Speaking” free film screening series. In [...]

Harry Shearer Takes a Hint

Comedians have been effective political commentators ever since Aristophanes used his wit to satirize the foibles of the ancient Greeks. Harry Shearer has a long history as a satirist dating back to his work with the Credibility Gap, Albert Brooks, Fernwood 2Night and the transcendent musical mockumentaries Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind. Shearer’s acting [...]

YouTube du Jour: Tchoupitoulas

Locally made film Tchoupitoulas has received much praise since screening at South by Southwest Film Festival in March—“visually masterful” and “startlingly fresh point of view” were two descriptions in the press—but Friday, July 20 is its long-due public premiere in New Orleans. The New Orleans Film Society, Louisiana State Museum, and Louisiana Museum Foundation are [...]

YouTube du Jour: New Orleans in The Monster and the Stripper

While looking for some throwback YouTube clips from New Orleans, we came across this gem: an introduction to the 1968 b-to-the-extreme movie The Monster and the Stripper a.k.a. The Exotic Ones, made by Nashville’s “first family of film”, the Ormonds. The movie’s about a swamp monster (played by rockabilly singer Sleepy LaBeef) captured by a [...]

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Beasts on the Bayou

The hottest independent movie in the country right now is Beasts of the Southern Wild. Set in a fictional mix of South Louisiana locales, it was filmed within a two-hour radius of New Orleans by Court 13, a collective of motion-picture artists most of whom call the city home, and whose work is guided by [...]

YouTube du Jour: King Creole

This Thursday, the King is back. King Creole that is. The New Orleans Film Society and Louisiana State Museum and its Foundation are sponsoring an outdoor screening of the classic Elvis Presley film. Presley plays “hard loving, hard hitting” high-school dropout Danny Fisher, whose unemployed father leaves him no choice but to navigate the crooked [...]

Beasts of the Southern Wild Premiere at Joy Theater: Photos

New Orleans may be Hollywood South, but most of the high-profile red-carpet events for films made in Louisiana still take place in Los Angeles or New York. Beasts of the Southern Wild, though, isn’t your average locally shot movie. It was made by Court 13, a film-making collective based in New Orleans, on an indie [...]

Cindy Scott: Helping Russell Brand Think

Cindy Scott’s life has, as she puts it, clearly defined “chapters.” Starting as a high-powered executive (“I was involved in all of these big international projects, and I was miserable.”) and ending up with a free mansion after winning a home-improvement reality show (“At the end of the show, the viewers voted and the winners [...]

New Orleans Film Festival: Top 5 Picks For Thursday, October 20

The New Orleans Film Festival concludes today after a week of many excellent films and even some music. Knowing how hard it is to catch all the films one wants to, the festival is showing a trio of encore screenings. First is the “Best of the Shorts” at 6 p.m. at the Contemporary Arts Center, [...]

New Orleans Film Festival: Top 5 Picks For Wednesday, October 19

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