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New Orleans, Culture of the Clique

New Orleans, despite its reputation for being open, friendly and welcoming, still what I call a “culture of clique.” I also call it the “I’m behind the police barricade and […]

Treme Wrap-Up: Coconuts and Shoes

[SPOILER ALERT] Jazz Fest may display the city’s finest talents, but Mardi Gras puts an essential characteristic of the city on display. David Simon and Eric Overmyer’s script for this […]

When You Assume …

David Simon sometimes seems a little defensive to me when writing or talking about how people consume television, but then I read some things people say about Treme and I […]

You Know Mardi Gras Is Over When…

… your dog finishes off a galette from the Boulangerie and you’re not that mad at the dog or sorry to see it go. That happened last night. A few […]