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New Orleans Means Music

Here we go again. Over the past few years New Orleans businesses who feature music have fought against neighborhood associations and aggressive plaintiff attorneys over the noise ordinance. This isn’t new; […]

Skewering okay if it creates an equitable noise ordinance.

New Orleans needs more skewering of politicians and greedy residents and businesses when it comes to the legislation of an equitable noise ordinance. Earlier this week I watched a splendid […]

All Hell Breaking Loose

All hell seems to be breaking loose from New Orleans citizens who are up in arms regarding the underhanded way that the VCPORA attempted to slip in a noise ordinance […]

Why Music Hasn’t Prevailed in New Orleans

I’ve been writing about the reasons why music isn’t respected in New Orleans for probably 30 years, and why it hasn’t prevailed in our economy. I’ve been ranting about it, […]

Frankenstorm and the Noise Police

I passed the last few days listening cynically to the warning stories of the coming “Frankenstorm” in the northeast.  Joseph tends to be a little more cynical than me; he […]


The rocky road to achieving fairness and accountability in managing sound in the city’s largest entertainment districts continues to plug along. Before I describe the latest developments, I want to […]

Bourbon Business Is Victim of Noise Issues

Bourbon Heat, the bar at 711 Bourbon Street, was recently fined $500 for being a “public nuisance” based on complaints from neighbors about the club. Strict sanctions were handed down […]

Let’s Just Shut Frenchmen Street Down

Do you love music? Do you love Frenchmen Street? Your days of enjoying this only-in-New Orleans phenomenon of a live music street may soon be coming to an end. I […]

Cracking Down on Frenchmen Street Begins Anew

The noise issues on Frenchmen Street continue. This morning I heard from Bruce Coury, owner of Mojito’s Rum Bar & Grill who told me that amplified music in his courtyard […]

Bad Apples

I’ve written many times about the issues of noise, safety, sanitation on Frenchmen Street, and wherever there’s music in the city. Most live music is played in bars, and bars breed […]