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Frenchmen Street Just Got Safer

Frenchmen Street, as most OffBeat readers know, developed organically as a music district. Over the past 15 years or so, Frenchmen has become the destination for locals and visitors looking to […]

More Cops, Less Guns Needed

As I expected, there was a big response to my anti-gun stance in last week’s blog. I know I am, as they say, “spitting into the wind,” but I am […]

Frenchmen Street Music, Culture and Balloons

Frenchmen Street music, now Frenchmen Street culture too! One the huge benefits of publishing a music and culture magazine is getting to meet all the musicians and artists. After interviewing […]

Apple Barrel Is Not Closing,
Just Going Through Changes

The rumors in the Twittersphere started on Sunday: “The Apple Barrel is closing.”—Twitter is a rumor-monger’s dream come true. Well, it’s not true. The Apple Barrel is not closing; it […]

Police Horse Poppin’ on Bourbon Street: Video

Dip, baby, dip / slide and move your hips —Glen David Andrews, Lil’ Rascals Brass Band’s “Knock with Me, Rock with Me” The latest local video making the viral rounds […]

Rotten, Really Rotten Apples

You know that old idiom, “A rotten apple spoils the barrel”? We had a taste of that on Halloween night when two morons on Bourbon Street and Canal Street decided to […]

Treme: The Ways Down

[Spoiler Alert] “On Your Way Down” was a fair title for this episode, but you sort of wish Alice Cooper was from New Orleans because “Welcome to My Nightmare” would […]

Well, They’re At It Again

After all these years, and all the protestations about how New Orleans is a “city of music,” the “birthplace of jazz.” It’s happening all over again. Our new NOPD chief, […]

Yellow Pocahontas TM

Yesterday’s New York Times has a story on an unusual approach by Mardi Gras Indians to monetizing their suits – they’re copyrighting them. An age-old thorn in Indians’ side has been […]