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Laissez-Faire Not Always What We Need

More and more often, the issues you hear concerning music in New Orleans have to do with two things: the inability of the city to enforce regulations that are set […]

Frenchmen Street, Again

Frenchmen Street continues to develop as the alternative-to-Bourbon party street of New Orleans, but there are still no police in the area to make sure the partying is safe.

Frenchmen Street Just Got Safer

Frenchmen Street, as most OffBeat readers know, developed organically as a music district. Over the past 15 years or so, Frenchmen has become the destination for locals and visitors looking to […]

More Cops, Less Guns Needed

As I expected, there was a big response to my anti-gun stance in last week’s blog. I know I am, as they say, “spitting into the wind,” but I am […]

Frenchmen Street Music, Culture and Balloons

Frenchmen Street music, now Frenchmen Street culture too! One the huge benefits of publishing a music and culture magazine is getting to meet all the musicians and artists. After interviewing […]

Apple Barrel Is Not Closing,
Just Going Through Changes

The rumors in the Twittersphere started on Sunday: “The Apple Barrel is closing.”—Twitter is a rumor-monger’s dream come true. Well, it’s not true. The Apple Barrel is not closing; it […]

Police Horse Poppin’ on Bourbon Street: Video

Dip, baby, dip / slide and move your hips —Glen David Andrews, Lil’ Rascals Brass Band’s “Knock with Me, Rock with Me” The latest local video making the viral rounds […]

Rotten, Really Rotten Apples

You know that old idiom, “A rotten apple spoils the barrel”? We had a taste of that on Halloween night when two morons on Bourbon Street and Canal Street decided to […]

Treme: The Ways Down

[Spoiler Alert] “On Your Way Down” was a fair title for this episode, but you sort of wish Alice Cooper was from New Orleans because “Welcome to My Nightmare” would […]

Well, They’re At It Again

After all these years, and all the protestations about how New Orleans is a “city of music,” the “birthplace of jazz.” It’s happening all over again. Our new NOPD chief, […]