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Jazz Fest Saturday: Bombino, Steve Earle, MyNameIsJohnMichael

When Rob Cambre and Quint Davis agree on something, the world is coming to an end or it’s something special. In the case of Bombino from Niger, it was one […]

Steve Earle at House of Blues: Moving On

Last night’s Steve Earle and the Dukes and Duchesses show at House of Blues was more reserved than his last appearance in town in 2005 on the The Revolution Starts […]

Treme Wrap-Up: Worlds vs. Worlds

[Spoiler Alert] This season, Treme has pitted the characters’ little worlds – whether physical or mental – against the real world of conflicting priorities and values that returned in 2006, […]

Treme: Bulldogs and Napkin Ladies

I may have made my dramatic television debut this weekend as “Guy on the Right” during Susan Cowsill‘s scene on this week’s episode of Treme. I qualify this not because […]

Treme: Fake Beer

When you see bar scenes on Treme, the patrons have bottles with near-beer, no matter what the label. A beer wrangler opens a few cases of real beer from a […]

Treme News: Simon Reflections, TV and Car Wheels

The first season of HBO’s Treme came to a close on Sunday. Afterwards, David Simon talked about the first season with Alan Sepinwall at hitfix.com. The conversation often deals with one of […]

Damn, That Light’s in My Eyes!

Got to work this morning and there was a film crew out, apparently shooting a scene for HBO’s series Tremé in, of all places, Mona’s Restaurant. My office overlooks the […]

Before it Was Trendy

Shaggy beards seem to be very in, but Steve Earle – who we saw yesterday on Frenchmen as part of the Treme shoot – has been rocking one for a […]