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Most of My Favorite Local Records of 2012

Reading the lists and catching some flak made me itch to put my own preferences down. What follows is necessarily incomplete because I can’t even pretend to listen to everything […]

Jazz Fest Friday: Mystikal, Theresa Andersson, Feufollet & Ani DiFranco

Friday at Jazz Fest was a good day for a lot of interesting music, even though little that I saw was wholly successful. Yvette Landry’s honky tonk and western swing […]

Theresa Andersson Previews New Album Street Parade in a Street Parade

One of the highlights of this Mardi Gras season so far was Theresa Andersson‘s unexpected ride atop a large puppet goose during the Street Parade, due out April 24. Andersson […]

Treme: The Ways Down

[Spoiler Alert] “On Your Way Down” was a fair title for this episode, but you sort of wish Alice Cooper was from New Orleans because “Welcome to My Nightmare” would […]

Way Good Music Coming Your Way

Ooh, boy, is there some good music coming your way. Of course, there’s the Best of The Beat Awards, which we’ve been hyping non-stop. This is not mere puffery:  We’ve […]

The Swede in the Machine

The news in Theresa Andersson’s Hummingbird, Go! and subsequent tours has been the batalion of pedals that allow her to create a band environment onstage on her own. But at last […]

Another Name Out

  Jazz Fest has lost a few of the out of town artists, first Common, who was replaced by Musiq Soulchild on the Congo Square Stage . Yesterday we learned […]

Theresa on Conan O’Brien

  In case you missed it, here’s Theresa Andersson’s appearance from last night.

A Little Love

  On Friday, the Los Angeles Times’ Ann Powers wrote an interesting take on Theresa Andersson, looping and notions of virtuosity: During recent performance at the Hotel Café, Andersson introduced […]

More Theresa Love

At the Los Angeles Times, critic Ann Powers identified Theresa Andersson as one of the artists to watch in 2009: Her songs are heartfelt and dusky little fables representing a […]