• littler richard

    Amen OffBeat! Your Jan 2012 layout on p.36 & 37 shows greatness. The ultimate in generous, kind irresistable force, GEORGE MATTERS!

  • Brian

    My wife and I were lucky enough to get a real kick-ass version of the Pardners play at our wedding a few years ago in Vermont.  It was Porter, Brian, Rusell, Mike and then Tracy Griffin, Jeff Albert and Alonzo Bowens on horns.  We had a night that will be remembered forever.  I was a little worried because George had finished his last date with Mickey Hart the night before, but he there early to do a sound check and make sure everything went right.  He even had the band to do “Be My Lady”, a song they never do, for our first dance.  We both wish George and the guys all the best of luck going through this difficult legal mess, one which they don’t deserve.

  • Porter has a very strong personality, and he diverts it to his music, especially jazz. This kind of personality made him evidently capable of being generous with his talent and proudly shares it to others without strings attached. Both his life and his music play in the hearts of his fans. Thanks for the post.