• Susan Perkinton

    In answer to Sam D’Arcangelo and a few bewildered jazzfest goers in the Stevie Wonder crowd….Myself and my partner have had the wonderful great fortune as to see Stevie Wonder and both Hyde Park in London in 2016 AND at NOLA jazz fest this year (Yes, we have been getting around this last while from our cosy wee home in Scotland!!) We loved his set both times, (however the sound coulda been better all the way back in that thick, but buzzing crowd at Jazz fest). At Hyde Park Stevie introduced himself part way through the set as “DJ Tick Tick Boom”. Lots of laughs and a period of crowd participation before he played a medley of Prince songs as a tribute. Yes indeed, each song played at Jazz fest was a tribute to particular late greats, Glenn Frey, Bowie, Prince. Unfortunately at Jazzfest (unless I missed it) he kinda failed to introduce this section of his set very well!!! however hopefully everyone got the message of tipping the hat to some greats and having a bit of fun. Lo-o-o-oved Jazzfest, and hope to return at some point in my lifetime!!! 🙂

  • Walker Lasiter

    Trenton Ayers of the Cedric Burnside Project is not the grandson of the late Junior Kimbrough. He is the son of Little Joe Ayers who played bass in Junior’s band the Soul Blues Boys.