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  • JT19

    Big Cuz “Sunbelt” got that drumline busting head in the “BIG EAZY”!!!!!!!! (LIL CUZ holding the “SIP” dwn)

  • Scott Matirne

    There is something that is awe-inspiring about a teacher of music and the joy they bring to their students and the gift they give their community and to the world. It is a gift that can never be repaid and is often unrequited while they are alive. Please know, every music teacher, every artist, every poet and every friend with whom I have been privileged to share the stage, You are valued, treasured and revered for the talents and treasure you share with us all. Specifically, I thank you Ms. Albertha Edwards, Ms. Estre, Mrs. Loraine Alfaro, Ms. Mary Ann Cox and to all those teachers of music, arts, and humanity that are unnamed here but will never be forgotten. Your lessons and love of music and life will never be forgotten and have and will always be a treasured memory and source of inspiration in my life and in those lives you have touched with your talent and caring. THANK YOU!

  • Bataille2

    great informative article. thanks.