• John F.

    Wow! terrifically well written and interesting!

  • oic

    That is neither ‘ason King’, nor Jason King. jsyk.

  • “I was very, very much
    afraid of those things. In fact I was worried with spirits when I was a kid. Our family home, lo­cated on the corner of Frenchman and Robinson,
    seemed to be full of them. We heard dishes rattling at night, people
    walk­ing around, the sewing-machine running, chains rattling, etcet­era,
    and we used to keep the house filled up with holy water. I had it tied
    all around my bed. Even then it seemed like those spirits would touch
    my toes. I’d look up over the covers and see them and take one jump and
    be in my mother s bed. Those spirits at home was one of the most
    horrible things that ever happened to me.” Jelly Roll Morton

  • love this article !