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Golden Years

Times change, they do. OffBeat has been in the business of promoting local music, musicians, bands and advocating for music and culture for a long time; 30 years, in fact. […]

Is it safe?

Remember this line from the movie Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman getting drilled? Well, the answer is “No, it’s definitely not safe.” I’m going to make this brief, because frankly, I feel […]

Blues Cruise Delivers An Enhanced Music Festival Experience

Are there any readers of OffBeat who don’t love a music festival? (That’s a rhetorical question!). Obviously, we’re all into the music festival experience, in fact, the Jazz Fest was probably […]

The End of The World As We Knew It

The appeal of New Orleans never wanes, despite hurricanes, storms, crumbling infrastructure, crime, educational issues and lack of police. In fact, I daresay that’s part of its appeal: the danger […]


With “Harvey-Gate” taking precedence over any bizarre political situation we have in Washington, DC at the moment, actress Alyssa Milano decided (wisely) to try to take the focus off Predator […]

Educate Yourself Before You Vote

Please carefully consider the qualifications and direct experience of all the candidates before you vote this Saturday. This issue of OffBeat’s Weekly Beat has links to pertinent questions asked to […]

In The Crosshairs?

In the wake of the beyond-horrific slaughter of concert-goers in Las Vegas this week, as live music lovers, and festival and concert attendees, we may be in for not only […]

Homeless Musicians?

I recently read a post on NOLA.com about a homeless man who was removed by the New Orleans Police Department. He was panhandling and “playing” a drum on the neutral […]

Blasted Festivals

The weather will have turned a bit cooler, hopefully, by the time this October issue hits the street. At least it will officially be fall. Fall means festival season hereabouts, […]

And The Poll Says

Last week we asked our readers in our Weekly Poll to weigh in on the most important issues our new mayor could address–and actually implement–for the music community of New […]