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Helen Gillet, Helkiase (Independent)

A Fiercely Talented Improviser   After receiving her master’s degree in music at Loyola University in 2004, Belgian-born cellist, singer, composer, and improviser Helen Gillet has continued to flourish in […]

Sarah Quintana, Daddy Lies (Independent)

Sarah Quintana’s latest, six-song effort, Daddy Lies, finds her at the crossroads between her imaginative and ambitious Miss River recording and several new collaborations, including an upcoming recording she’s working […]

Sarah Quintana: Eternity in the Interval

In the last few years, several locally-based musical artists have forged ahead in somewhat new and unconventional ways to gain not only a national, but an international audience. Aurora Nealand, […]

Fest Focus: Geri Allen

GERI ALLEN: THE ERROLL GARNER JAZZ PROJECT FRIDAY, APRIL 22—ZATARAIN’S WWOZ JAZZ TENT, 4:10 P.M.   In the world of jazz, much is made of the company one keeps. By […]

Keith Jarrett, Radiance (ECM)

Keith Jarrett’s Radiance is a transcendental experience. Recorded live in Japan a few years back, Jarrett’s zen-like approach to this eventful performance was to abandon all preconceptions about form and […]

Archie Shepp & Mal Waldron, Left Alone Revisited: A Tribute To Billie Holiday (Synergy)

There’s almost none of them left. Those who create music so achingly human that you can feel their black and blue experience deep into the recesses of your soul. Nina […]

Bobo Stenson/Andres Jormin/Paul Motian, Goodbye (ECM)

The last thing you’d expect to hear on an ECM recording is the first thing Bobo Stenson tackles here… a haunting, introspective, sublime interpretation of the Sondheim classic “Send In […]

Mingus Big Band, I Am Three (Confluences/Sunnyside)

There are those that leave a legacy so gigantic that not only is it nearly impossible to fill their shoes, but, even to walk in their footsteps. Inevitably, their imitators […]

The Susie Arioli Ban feat. Jordan Officer, That’s for Me (Justin Time)

In the last few years, no one has captured the romantic swing style more convincingly than Canadian drummer/vocalist Susie Arioli. Her voice is a marvel of perfect pitch, pure emotion […]