Image Counts

I’m writing a review of the excellent new Galactic album at the moment, and it includes bounce artists Cheeky Blakk, Big Freedia, Katey Red and Sissy Nobby. It’s ironic (to start with) that a traditionally straight, macho culture like hip-hop’s is represented in New Orleans at the moment by three gay rappers. There’s no question – having a cover story on them in Gambit helped, but that story was in February. They’ve done enough since then to keep people interested in them. I have no doubt that there are better rappers in the bounce community, but they’re largely off of the music radar, and they can’t be mad if the faces of bounce are gay ones when they do little to offer up their own instead.

  • IMAGE is everything. Well that what they say especially in the publics eye. Rap teen sensation YUNG RO takes his image seriously since he is the CEO of BPENT. Ro knows he must make the right decision when it comes to his movement. Thats why he's drafting his Dream Team with the roster of DJ KRISSTYLE (project SKIN DEEP MIXTAPES), DA WILDBOYZ (rap duo),and Non Since(rap/security). YUNG RO possess a unique look being black,asian ,and latin leaving no fan base untouched. he describe hisself as FRESHA DEN A MALL.

  • Rusty Lazer

    if you have no doubt there are better rappers in the bounce community, come out with me to a show sometime…