Jon Hatchett Band, Jon Hatchett Band (Independent)

These local honky-tonkers’ debut CD opens with a song about a girl who is, as Pete Townshend would say, bleedin’ quadrophenic: “Four in One Woman” is a sprightly, NRBQ-styled rocker about a lady with a four-way split personality; it’s funny and catchy and the lyric’s basic premise—if your partner’s really confusing, you need to go drinking—is a hard one to refute.

Jon Hatchett BandIt’s clear that Hatchett (who used to play in town as Jonny Kashner) knows how to write ’em; honky-tonk stompers are his specialty (and the above song isn’t the only one with booze references), but he’s versatile enough to pull off a few character songs, a broken-hearted rocker (“The Wind and Me”) and a more existential lyric on “Living Day to Day.” The one cover, the ’40s swing tune “RaggMopp,” features some hot guitar by Izzy Zaldman—a Bill Kirchen–type player who combines fast fingers with a fluid touch. Hatchett’s nasal twang of a voice takes a little getting used to, and there are times when his band could really use a harmony voice—notably on “Sometimes You’re Wrong,” a honey of a ballad that calls for a Yoakam-type singer. But if a debut CD is supposed to get you to make a point of seeing the band live, this one worked.