Bag of Donuts. Photo by Kelsey Coste

Bag of Donuts to be inducted into Louisiana Music Hall of Fame

Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, an organization built to strive for and preserve Louisiana’s greatest renewable natural resource, revealed Bag of Donuts as its 2019 inductee. The New Orleans-based musical group will be the first cover band ever honored within the Hall of Fame. A special induction ceremony and celebration will take place on Wednesday, March 13 at Rock ‘N’ Bowl New Orleans.

Bag of Donuts label themselves as a SuperPop band who cover any song popular from any era and perform it in a new and interesting way. The New Orleans band just celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2018 and feel honored and humbled at their distinction in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. “After three decades and counting, the most beautiful part is that we all continue to love what we do – although there are challenges, we feel blessed to be a part of Louisiana’s music scene and look forward to spreading our love for music across the US,” said Jerry Christopher, bassist and vocals for the group.

Louisiana Music Hall of Fame (LMHOF), founded in 1980 by Mike Shepherd, works to honor achievements in music, provide education about Louisiana music, and preserve the music and music business of Louisiana. Shepherd has worked with Bag of Donuts for years and admires their work. “The band’s continued excellence in the music and entertainment industry have qualified them for induction. Everybody knows and loves Bag of Donuts!” Shepherd said. The band was recently named Best Cover Band at OffBeat’s Best of the Beat Awards

200+ inductees have been honored into the Hall of Fame including Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Dave Bartholomew, Elvis Presley, Lloyd Price, Louis Armstrong and much more. Inductees are considered from artists and music business men and women who have contributed by deed and talent to create the outstanding music of the State of Louisiana. New Orleans Native Artists, In-residence Artists, and Contributing Artists make up the Hall of Fame.

To purchase tickets to the induction party, click here.

  • Sam Muffoletto

    Who votes on that? The LMHOF seems to be putting in someone every week. Even people who are not from Louisiana…What is the criteria?

  • Sam Muffoletto

    Who votes on this? Is there a criteria? They seem to be putting people in right and left lately, some of which are NOT from Louisiana.