Brandon Franklin of T.B.C. Brass Band Murdered

Brandon Franklin Saxophone Player of TBC Brass BandBrandon Franklin of the T.B.C. Brass Band was shot and killed Sunday night. He was twenty-two years old. Franklin played saxophone in TBC, who are well known for their frequent street shows at the corner of Bourbon St. and Canal St. They had just performed at both Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest, and are well regarded as one of several rising stars in a new generation of brass bands.

Franklin also acted as Assistant Band Director at O. Perry Walker High School, a role in which he was apparently well loved by the student band members for whom he acted as a strong role model and mentor.

Although the details of his murder are still slightly unclear, what’s known so far paints a tragic picture. Franklin was visiting at the house of his ex-girlfriend, who had been living in the home with her boyfriend Ronald Simms. After an argument earlier in the day, Simms returned to the house, resulting in a dispute with Franklin. Simms shot the young musician several times with a handgun before leaving the scene, only to turn himself in to the police soon afterwards.

A Facebook page has been set up for those who wish to leave their memories and condolences.

  • What a shame for a young talent to die so young. Another reason why NOPD needs to get a handle on the city's crime and violence, to prevent such wastes.

    By the way, the headline on your website main page reads :Brandon Franklin of T.B.C. Brass Band Murdered — by OffBeat Staff” making it sound like Offbeat staff killed Brandon Franklin.

    • Alex Rawls

      The issue of attribution on our Web site is one we’ve brought up with our Web people because we occasionally end up with lines that invite the sort of reading you noticed.

  • Chip Jaubert

    Another creative soul lost to stupid violence. STOP KILLING each other, brothers.

  • Ariana

    From GO Model Arie J: R.I.P. Brandon Franklin…YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!

  • Ms Tweety

    Hi im tweety u might remember 4rm lil tee yeah the chick dat had da kids anyway i wonna say sorry about wat happent to bee he was a real kool person to be around.I just pray yall keep yall head up n do the rite thing but dont stop playing cuz i listen to the music all day an these Texas people dnt no shit about real music( LOL) well i gotta go.Oh if u run into lil tee tell him tweety said i hope hes doing gud wit his life.

  • Tremaie166

    hi im tremaine franklin brandon sis we will like everyone to kno brandons killer ronald sims waz charged with mansluther we will like for evey and ayone 2 write a letter say how brandon waz a good person and how he affected there life 2 were try 2 give roald 2 degree murder

  • Joseph Brown

    How are you gonna say that Ronald Deserves 2nd degree murder when this dude was clearly at ronald’s place looking for trouble after threatening Ronald life numerous amount of time and saying that he was gone do something reaching behind his back.

  • Jessenia_montez

    this is so sad!

  • Jessenia_montez

    this is so sad!