Flogging Molly will perform at the House of Blues New Orleans on March 6

Flogging Molly Hit The Road With New Purpose (Interview)

In now their second decade of existence, Flogging Molly are hitting the road with renewed purpose. Last year, the band released their first album in six years, Life is Good, and the new songs have injected a different energy to the band’s dynamic live show. They hit the House of Blues tonight, with Jon Snodgrass & Friends and Scott H. Biram.

“It really reinvigorates us going out live, when we’ve been doing this for 20 years,” said banjo/mandolin player, Bob Schmidt. “Whenever we can infuse it with new, exciting stuff, it feels good. It pumps it up a bit.”

Life is Good reflects on the current state of American and world affairs, particularly immigration and promises of prosperity that have failed everyday people. Schmidt says the fans have embraced the new tunes, and the band has added more songs from Life is Good to their sets during this spring tour. With the new record, the band has had to adjust to the current methods of music delivery and consumption that were just in their infancy when they’d last released a record in 2011.

“It’s so hard getting the word out about your record. No one’s buying CDs anymore and now they’re not even selling them,” Schmidt says. “It becomes more of a challenge to adapt to the way the music industry works now, with streaming. It’s hard to gauge if people know the new songs. Do they know there’s a new record?

“But, the response has been really good. It’s been really heartening to get to a venue and everybody knows the words and everybody’s going crazy.”

Flogging Molly have just recently returned from a European tour with fellow Irish punk legends, Dropkick Murphys. The two bands are planning to bring that co-headlining tour the United States later this year.

Tonight, the band returns to House of Blues, which has become a favorite tour stop. They continue to be inspired by the legends who have graced the stage before them, such as The Isley Brothers and The Meters. Tickets are available here for the 18+ show.

“It’s a good vibe there. All the greats have been there-bands we loved growing up, bands that have been touring for, like, 35 years. It’s a great energy, it’s not a big place, it’s right in the French Quarter. It’s a good vibe.”