Gravity A. Photo: Kenny Lass

Gravity A Announces Return All-Acoustic Show At Gasa Gasa

Last March, “homegrown jamtronica” band Gravity A debuted its acoustic set at Gasa Gasa during “Gravity A: Unplugged,” inspired by the MTV series of a bygone era. The four-piece outfit will return to the same stage this week, but the performance will feature some new tweaks.


Drummer Michael Fouquier tells, “This will be our second all-acoustic performance.  The fans really enjoyed the first one and we knew we had to put on another performance.  Gasa Gasa is a very intimate venue and the acoustic sound really fit the room, so we wanted to return there. We haul in an upright piano and this is [keyboardist Andrew Meehan’s] only sound for the whole night, rather than his normal rack of synth keyboards.  Danny [Abel] and Devin [Kerrigan] are playing acoustic guitar and acoustic bass and drums [respectively], which are headed and tuned slightly different. They are also played with brushes and lightening rods (used a lot for acoustic style performances).  March was the only other time we have sounded this way and this Friday will be the only other time in the near future. We really enjoyed taking the backing tracks out of our originals and playing them stripped down, so we will be playing some songs that we didn’t in March.”

Doors for Mid City Pizza presents Gravity A: Unplugged in New Orleans” open at 9 p.m. on Friday, December 22. Tickets for the 18+ event are available here for $10.