Greg Schatz premieres the animated video for "I'm Building a Robot"

Greg Schatz is building a robot in his animated music video (Premiere)

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Greg Schatz released the concept album, Amoebotics. Today (August 16), he premieres the animated music video for its latest single, “I’m Building a Robot.”

Described as “loping, insanely catchy, vaguely Tex-Mex” by OffBeat‘s Robert Fontenot, “I’m Building a Robot” follows Greg as he puts together a robotic device that will “take my job” with “superstrong arms” and “superior vision.” The lyrics make the song a great candidate for an animated video, this one created by Allie Bringley.

Bringley, a student of motion graphics at Loyola University under the tutelage of Professor Noël Anderson, was tasked with updating Schatz’s primitive robot sketches from back when he was developing the cover for Amoebotics (which was eventually designed by Stephanie Reed).

After creating a mood board of her vision for the music video, “Allie then did the highly skilled, creatively intensive and time-consuming work of creating the animation and syncing it to the sound,” says Schatz. “The video directly follows the story told in the song lyrics, at times expanding on it with visual interpretations that get right to heart of the song’s meaning.”

With some suggestions from Professor Anderson, the video’s ending was solidified. As Schatz puts it, “This was a true collaboration and the result was much better than if I had been micromanaging the project the whole time. I am blown away by Allie’s work. The video is creative on a level far beyond what I had at first imagined.”

Schatz will perform live several times over the next month:

8/17/19, 8:30pm-11:30pm

Greg Schatz and the Friggin’ Geniuses at the 21st Amendment Bar at La Louisiane.

8/21/19, 7pm -10pm

Greg Schatz and the Friggin’ Geniuses

at Three Muses

9/7/19, 9pm-Midnight

Greg Schatz Duo

Buffa’s Backroom

9/12/19, 5pm-8pm

Greg Schatz Solo

The Starlight Lounge

9/18/19, 8pm-11pm

Greg Schatz and the Friggin’ Geniuses

at Three Muses

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