Photo courtesy of WGNO

Hubig’s Pies will soon return to store shelves (and hands)

Seven years ago this month, a fire ravaged the Hubig’s Pies factory. The beloved hand pies filled with various fruits came to an abrupt and tragic end, but a new report has a promising update for those who’ve missed the sweet treats.

According to’s Ian McNulty, Hubig’s Pies will return. “The family owners of the brand have been working quietly for years to get the business back in operation,” reports McNulty, adding that Hubig’s Pies (and proprietor Andrew Ramsey) has been approved for a business loan guarantee program by the Louisiana’s Development Corp.

New Orleans City Business reports the Corp. wants to invest $1.37 million into a new manufacturing facility, but it won’t be located in the former, longtime Marigny home of Hubig’s Pies. Instead, the relaunch will move the confection business to Jefferson Parish.

“Hubig’s wants to start production in 2020 and distribute pies from the Louisiana-Texas border to Mobile, Alabama,” the report says. “Along with putting the pies in regional grocery, drug and convenience stores, Hubig’s wants to eventually make its product available through its website.”

Despite the developments, Ramsey tells “I don’t have a timeline yet.” We can wait!