Jackson Square Benches Removed For Tricentennial Event

Jackson Square is noticeably different today, after its benches were removed, reportedly without warning.

As tweeted by the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO), “We’re getting reports that the city is removing the benches in Jackson Square this morning. This will harm long standing street performance traditions, and was done without notice. We are looking for more information”:

In response, Advocate politics reporter Jeff Adelson tweeted, “Per Landrieu’s office: the benches were removed temporarily to make room for a stage for tricentennial events this coming weekend. Will be returned when the event is over.”

MaCCNO opposed January’s so-called “Public Safety Improvements Plan,” which included change to Jackson Square. However, Mayor Landrieu has yet to respond to requests for more information, particularly as it relates to the removal of Jackson Square benches without forewarning.

As reported by NOLA.com, there is indeed a tricentennial event planned for tomorrow, April 17. A Tricentennial Interfaith Prayer Service will be held at St. Louis Cathedral, but information as to why exactly the benches integral to the work of street performers needed to be removed has not yet been shared.