Miss Mojo premieres the music video for "Precious Time"

Miss Mojo takes back control of the fleeting (Video Premiere)

In the band’s latest single, Miss Mojo contemplates the impermanence of life. The New Orleans group is today (May 7) premiering the music video for “Precious Time.”

“When I sing ‘Precious Time,’ I think about how fleeting life really is and how imperative it is that we take time to appreciate the little moments, positive or negative, as necessary growth,” says principal songwriter Piper Browne. “So often in life we are pulled in opposite directions, either told to rush through something to get onto the next, better thing, or we just sit around and waste time waiting for the next thing to happen TO us, rather than making it happen ourselves.”

“Precious Time,” says Browne, is a call-to-action for all of us: take back control of life-time management.

The song is featured on Miss Mojo’s EP Miss Mojo at the Parlor Recording Studio. As such, the music video is a cut of the group performing the song in the studio. In fact, the whole EP is devoted to translating the band’s live energy into a “high fidelity audio environment.” The group says it owes the shaping of their sound to their live performances. “This session is an effort to capture that influence by not glossing over the imperfections that make live music so relatable,” says Miss Mojo.

Spencer Mann served as Director of Photography for the video to “Precious Time.”

Miss Mojo features vocalists Browne and Jenna Winston. The band includes bass player Leo Skovron, drummer Mack Major, flutist Ari Kohn, guitarist Cody Greenstein, keyboardist Rob Kellner and trombonist Evan Oberla. The group originally formed at Tulane University in 2017, but this particular lineup has been playing together since 2010. According to them, their “creative vision” is “a modern take on New Orleans’ extensive funk and soul tradition, producing smooth and soulful original music in which ‘hip’ and ‘pop’ flawlessly coexist.

They’ve shared stages with the likes of Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, Rebirth Brass Band, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and Naughty Professor. Coming up, Miss Mojo will appear at Bayou Boogaloo on May 19. The day before that, they’ll rock Tipitina’s Graduation Throwdown. Later this month, they’ll take off for a Colorado tour.

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