New Orleans performers gather for live Mueller Report reading on July 4

Live readings of the Mueller report–Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election–have become a popular form of political activism since the report’s release in April. Part performance and part protest, The Star Spangled 4th of July Marathon Reading of the Complete Mueller Report, or “Impeachable You” for short, is bringing this same phenomenon to New Orleans on July 4 at Happyland Theater. 

Ranging from actors to comedians and journalists, performers will read for 20 minute segments, starting at 6 a.m. on Thursday and ending at 2 a.m. on Friday. Hosted by Michael Martin, the event will also have games, music, and food available for guests.

Live readings of the Mueller report have their progenitor in the reading done by Democratic lawmakers in Washington on May 16, when two dozen lawmakers, advocating President Trump’s impeachment, gathered in the Capitol to read the 400-page report on C-SPAN.

Readers for the event include actress and theater educator Cammie West, Graphite galleries artist Lidia Altagracia, musician Coco Cruse, poet and professor Carolyn Hembree, actress and comedian Denise Jenna, non-profit management consultant and LGBTQ author Mary Griggs, journalist and author Missy Wilkinson, Soprano singer Kathleen Halm and many others.

Jacob Germain from Krewe of Vaporwave will provide visuals for the event, and Jeff Mattsson is preparing breakfast for event attendees.The event’s host, Michael Martin, will perform the Mueller Report’s redacted material as a character from Russian folklore, the Baba Yaga. Happyland Theater is located at 3126 Burgundy St.

Click here for the event’s full lineup. For more information, including tickets (which begin at $7), click here.