Outgroan: Collaborative Mixed Media Showcase Visualizes Innocence Lost

Mash Buhtaydusss, a collaboration between visual artist Barbie L’Hoste and photographer Brandt Vicknair, will present a mixed media showcase called “Outgroan” at the New Orleans Art Center’s upstairs gallery on Saturday, October 8.

"Child Labor"

“Child Labor Day GO.”

The 13 original pieces were created by combining a variety of media—collages, paintings and more—with photographs printed on canvas. The resulting works deal with innocence lost by taking revered memories of the past and putting them in places they were not meant to occupy.

“We realized our work feeds off of one another’s so we decided to join forces,” says L’Hoste. “He finds challenging environments, and I find these sentimental and innocent characters to put in them.”

Outgroan marks Vicknair, a frequent OffBeat contributor, and L’Hoste’s first joint effort. According to the event’s Facebook page, their work is “heavily inspired by the overwhelming changes to the City of New Orleans as well as the continuous belly flop of what we understand as the human condition.”

Outgroan will be open from 6pm to 10pm, and drinks will be provided by the Cellar Door. At the same time, the New Orleans Art Center will also hot the opening reception for the Louisiana Photography Biennial in its downstairs gallery. That event will feature works from a wide variety of photographers, including OffBeat art director, photographer and food editor Elsa Hahne.