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One Caveat

One concern after this mornings culture panel at the Rising Tide 4 bloggers conference: How many bloggers will treat what they heard as gospel, and how many will do additional […]

Back to the Garden

Anyone who grew up in the 1970s or later has had to live with the premise that they missed rock ‘n’ roll’s best days. The Rolling Stone history of music […]

Live Review: When Schools Collide

Half-naked girls, big rims, and loud jewelry are now synonymous with hip-hop, but on August 6, these stereotypes took a backseat to the music. The “Footprints in Hip-Hop Tour” featured […]

My Penance

  Last week, I took a drubbing for considering what the obits for Willy DeVille might say about him and his art – not because I was necessarily wrong, but […]

A Good Use of Social Media

  Usually, I run Seesmic in the background while working, so my Facebook and Twitter feeds come up in one window that I can see easily and pay attention to […]

Sad and Curious

  Long-time New Orleans resident Willy DeVille died last week of pancreatic cancer. He led a fairly low-key life here, and never integrated himself in a public way into the New Orleans music […]

New Orleans in the News

This week, if people around the country were talking about New Orleans, most were talking about Bill Jefferson. Those who could resist puns and wisecracks at his expense were talking […]

Too Friendly, to be Kind

  Today I found this story at NOLA.com: W French Quarter hosts a post Dirty Linen Night patrons Saturday from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. The event will feature music, […]

How’d Orly Taitz Miss This Story?

  Today I received this press release: The City of New Orleans has sought an injunction against the Louisiana Technology Council for one simple reason — it has no assurance […]

Focus Counts

Project 30-90 is just over a month away, and so far, it looks like the producers need to remember that the moment of the event is what matters most. So […]