Trombone Shorty Owns Contemporary Jazz Charts

Trombone Shorty, For True (Verve Records)Trombone Shorty’s For True has followed Backatown to the top of Billboard‘s Contemporary Jazz chart. It debuted at No. 1 after its September 13 release; now Shorty has two albums on the Contemporary Jazz chart since Backatown is at No. 4. It has been on the chart for 74 weeks. For True is also at No. 72 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

So far, critics have embraced For True:

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Will Hermes writes:

None of those songs are as badass as the go-go-flavored “Buckjump,” the surf-guitar-spiked title track or the two “Lagniappe” digressions, instrumentals all. When the horns blow, it’s all you need to know.

Andy Gill at England’s The Independent writes:

Shorty here offers an explosive blend of funk, blues and jazz right from the opening bars of the rumbustious “Buckjump”, where Rebirth’s ebullient horns ride an itchy fatback groove against 5th Ward Weebie’s syncopated vocal expostulations.

BBC reviewer Martin Longley is not entirely convinced yet:

The production is bullish and fully-aroused, densely aggressive with horny stabs. The beats are colossal but a touch too metronomic, although the higher frequencies provide a welcome jostling looseness.

Elizabeth Nelson at The Washington Post has issues with some of the album’s guest stars:

On balance, For True confirms Trombone Shorty’s reputation as a youthful flag-bearer for America’s unrivaled musical wellspring. But the artist is notably at his best when he lets his outsize ability speak for itself rather than be drowned out by the bleating exertions of relative lightweights.

At The Hurst Review, Josh Hurst picks up on the hip-hop undercurrent in the album:

If it seems like I’m harping on the club aspect, it’s only because For True really is a club-worthy banger, structured like a great concert and flowing with the kind of momentum that makes Shorty’s blasts of fusion that much more addictive. It’s a strong and mightily entertaining record that might even top his previous achievements, and leaves no doubt that Trombone Shorty is one of the hardest-working, most forward-thinking bandleaders, songwriters, and performers working today—in New Orleans or any other town you care to name.

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