Stomp, Stomp Conference Schedules Announced

The Trashmen (“Surfin’ Bird”) and Duane Eddy (“Rebel Rouser”) headline the Ponderosa Stomp September 24 and 25 respectively. The annual celebration of the roots of rock ‘n’ roll returns to the House of Blues that weekend, and the schedule is online now. The schedule for the Stomp Conference at the Cabildo—scheduled for the same weekend during the daytime—is also online now. It includes interviews with Eddy, the Trashmen, Ronnie Spector, Dave Bartholomew among others. A recent as-yet-unbilled addition to the schedule is a conversation with DJ/record man Jim Russell with OffBeat editor Alex Rawls.

In the current issue of OffBeat, we have a still from a movie so “clandestine” that it name can’t be printed. The schedule for the Stomp’s “Clandestine Celluloid” series at One Eyed Jacks—also running during the Stomp weekend—is online as well. The film in question screens at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, September 25.

  • Einstein314

    If you go to the director/cinematographer’s website you can figure out that the subject is Leon Russell.

  • Pltrhd

    “You’ll never hear surf music again.” When will the Stomp’s march through history (a la the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame’s) reach Jimi Hendrix?