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Susan Cowsill Brings
“Covered in Vinyl” Back
(to the Future)

Susan Cowsill‘s “Covered in Vinyl” is back tonight (Thursday, August 22) with a twist: Instead of covering every song on a beloved album from the ’60s or ’70s, this time she’s moving up to those glory days of synth pop and MTV: On tap tonight will be Tears for Fears’ Songs From the Big Chair, [...]

YouTube du Jour: The Bucktown All-Stars

After playing hundreds of weddings over the last two decades, rather than celebrating the happiness of others, the Bucktown All-Stars will finally be able to celebrate themselves for a change. For the group’s 20th anniversary, the popular cover band will be performing at Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Saturday, July 14, starting at 8:30 p.m. For [...]

March 2012 Letters

COVER BANDS After our grandchildren moved away we fulfilled our dream of moving to New Orleans. We also love live music (why else would you move here?) and we love OffBeat. On our first night in our new home we went out and had a blast at the Best of the Beat! Thank you for [...]

Cover Bands: What Do You Want?

It’s 10:30 on a Wednesday night. Rob Schulte emerges from the darkened dance floor and settles in behind his expansive drum kit. To his left and right, the other members of the Topcats are tuning up guitars and turning on keyboards. These same four friends—Schulte, William “Buzzy Beano” Langford, David Gamble, and Pat Campbell—have been [...]

Almost Perfect

Last night, the Superdome was the loudest I can remember for a prolonged period of time (nothing will ever seem as loud as the Dome was when Steve Gleason blocked the Atlanta punt for a touchdown in 2006, but that could be memory-aided). At moments, it was so intense that it turned to distortion in [...]

Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition, She’s Mine (CSP Records)

What should go on forever sometimes doesn’t. The Foret Tradition, originally founded by then-teenage brothers Ryan and Brandon a decade ago, became Ryan Foret and the Foret Tradition when Brandon amicably departed awhile back. When Ryan finally got things stabilized, the result was the swamp pop quintet’s best disc yet. The reorganized Tradition includes trumpeter [...]

The Pfister Sisters, Puttin’ It On (Mambo Goddess)

Let’s start with what would ordinarily be the fourth or fifth paragraph in a review of this kind: The version of Hoagy Carmichael’s “New Orleans” done here by veteran Pfister Holley Bendtsen and veteran piano accompanist Amasa Miller is simply magnificent—one of the most moving versions of this classic that I have yet heard. In [...]

Mitch Woods, Jukebox Drive (El Toro)

There is a road, call it the blues highway, that takes you through the classic tropes of swing and boogie woogie into jump blues, early R&B and proto rock ’n’ roll. Any number of well-respected recording artists have parked alongside that road at some point and built a career there. James Hunter is a recent [...]