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Another One Bites The Dust

Ole Man River’s, a seminal club (and probably the only club of major importance in Avondale!) will be soon be demolished. “It’s been in bad repair for a long time,” […]


Undeniably, New Orleans is changing. It’s becoming more modern, and in some ways, a lot less charming than it used to be. Why? “Progress.” One of the things that always […]

Music Uptown and Downtown

Not as many people have been around music as a business for as long as me, and just like everything else, the local club scene has changed drastically. I’ve written […]

Live In The City. Or Not?

What’s been happening: Jimmy Anselmo—once again—didn’t get the liquor license he needs to re-open Jimmy’s Club on Willow Street after a protracted battle with the city. Anselmo says he will […]

Helping Those in Need

Joseph and I live in Central City, and every day we ride down Oretha Castle Haley Blvd (formerly Dryades) on our usual route to work and back. So we literally […]